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Coach is one of the top brands offering luxurious products. It is the design hub for various stylish luxury accessories and goods. A team of qualified experts designs the products provided by the company and are loved by everyone all over the world. The brand focuses on making unique and modern designs and infusing various cultures into their products, which makes one of the most successful brands in their field. Coach was lately renamed ad Tapestry and is still immensely successful. Along with its handbags and accessories, coach clothing is rapidly getting popular, and consumers love the high-quality clothes with an attractive and unique design.


This well-known company was originated in a workshop owned by a family in New York in the year 1941. The company began with a mere six workers who focused on manufacturing high-quality leather products for people. They used the finest leather to produce beautiful and attractive products that were loved by all. From the starting coach has been innovative and keep on trying to bring modern ideas along with the high-quality products, for what they are known for.  Now along with accessories, the coach clothing line has also been started.

Creative direction of Coach

Creative direction has played a crucial role in transforming the Coach into a vast and successful brand. In 2013, coach appointed Stuart Vevers as its executive creative director, who completely changed the brand for a good cause. He is very creative and draws ideas from his surrounding and observations such as culture, music, people, and traditions. New York has always been the home to Coach as it was originated there. Vevers has been awarded various prestigious awards for being an outstanding designer.

Great workplace for employees

Along with the focusing on the customers, the coach also takes complete care of their employees and offer the best working environment. It offers its employees such an environment where they can explore themselves and boost their careers effectively.

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