Competition among your friends and Family Members

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Live becomes more comfortable when there is healthy competition among your friends and family. How about a challenge that will bring a change in society? Bringing a clutter free challenge on the plate will foster a spirit of cleanliness in one and all. It will be an initiator of a clean environment, starting from personal to professional spaces. You can begin to this clutter-free challenge in your school, college, office, apartment, locality, state, and the entire country can take part in the same. There is some homework that you would need to do to ensure it becomes a success.

You should be a self-starter to ensure this cleanliness drive is a success. If you start with work

half-heartedly then you will lose interest midway.

Firstly, try to identify the scope of improvement. That is the most disorganized or dirty areas that need urgent washing or and cleaning. , will help you set a base and convince people that the clutter free challenge will be a useful activity for the society at large. Bear in mind that you need to showcase benefits to ensure people participate in it. Else, you will remain as the only participant and the campaign will go in vain. Thereafter, try to set a deadline. The deadline can be stretched later on, but it is After that to give participants a push. Else, people would not take it seriously or they might event forget due to lethargy or lack of interest.

After that, make sure to keep an incentive plan. The presence of a gift or incentive will motivate people to participate in big numbers and ensure their interest level remains intact all through. The clutter free challenge is a solution to humanity to get cleanliness in a short time with the involvement of the general public.

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