Dash Cam – Which one to choose and what is the criteria?

Have you heard about the dash cam? It is also called as the car DVR or the EDR that means event data recorder, and this is the onboard camera. This will be recording through windows of the cars and some of the dashcams will be including the camera for interior recordings. This recording either the images or the videos can be sent via 4G. They are also helpful in recording the speed of the vehicle.

Quality of Dash cam

The second kind of the dash cam is of the build quality which is excellent and also possesses the excellent parking mode with the video quality which is good and fair. These dash cams are built for the buyers who are experienced or the veteran dash cam buyers and for their needs. They have the fabulous build quality and there only less flaws or the errors or the bugs which can be expected in this kind of dash cams. These dash cams need very less maintenance and they possess more functional bells as well as the whistles. One of the best Dash cam reddit is the Mobius Action camera.

Mobius Action Camera

Another budget dash cam is the Mobius action cam which comes in budget and this costs only 80 dollars. This has the video resolution of 1080p, and this has the ability for recording the compete or the full high definition video and the size is smaller and lighter in weight when compared to the previous dash cam. This is only or approximately 2 inches in height. This has become popular or familiar due to its cost as comes in almost all the people budget and it has many potential uses. Some of the uses of this dash cam is it can be used while skydiving while it is attached to the RC vehicle and can also be attached to the helmet while they are on the racetrack.

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