How to Use a Coccyx Cushion

•    Cushions in our life play a vital role in our life. We all consider buffers as a luxury providing object in the home or office. Many buy different shields for their different requirements. Coccyx cushions also a one cushion which gives excellent support to the coccyx or tailbone of the spine. This pain is also known as coccydynia. This problem occurs when we fall from the chair or slipping on the floor. Direct contact of tailbone to the ground hit the lower part of the bone, and coccyx bone gets hurt.

•    There are numerous ways to use coccyx cushion you can use this anywhere anytime according to your requirement. You can use this cushion in the home, car, offices and so on. The portability of the pillow makes it a unique object for the comfort of the coccyx bone.

•    It is also available in different sizes you can apply it according to your need. Persons with heavy weight can buy a large scale.

•    Use it in the chair. It will give extra comfort to your back and improves the posture of a return. It will provide you with the best rest in the chair; it slightly elevated your hips on the chair and decreased the pressure on the pelvis and spine bones.

•    Add some ice in the bag of the cushion it will give extra comfort while sitting on the chair, and you can see also some hot packs in the pillow for the hot relive in sitting. There are many cushions also comes with gel which can heat and cold according to the need of the user.

•    Keep the cushion clean and dirt free because dirt will affect the quality of the buffer and it will not be able to bring you long period comfort. It is advisable put an extra cover on the cushion for the extended use of the cushion

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