Juice Leskinen – A Huge Motivation to All the Upcoming Singer

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Making a career in music is one of the hardest things, and there are so many people trying hard despite the fact that it is really a competitive field. To give you motivation, there are so many names of an artist who struggled and finally achieved what they always wanted.

A name which shines like a diamond in the music industry is Juice Leskinen, born on 19 February 1950. Leskinen Made his carrier in singing, and he used to play several musical instruments. His style of playing unique notation and funk style made people fell in love with his music. He was also a well-known song-writer working on projects that show the harsh truth of the world.

Due to this, Leskinen gained huge popularity in a short time, but the early stage of career was tough. Everything changed in Leskinen’s life after his first track recorded in 1973. The name of the first album was eponymous debut album, and it was Leskinen debut in the album. The Collab with a popular Finnish rock band based on skills.

All Juice Leskinen Discoveries

Leskinen made plenty of songs, and all of them were good enough to gain huge popularity. Nevertheless, his funk style in the rock was loved by everyone, and if you are his fan, then you may know about most of the popular albums. Let’s have a look at all his discoveries – 

  •  Juice Leskinen & Coitus Int
  • Per Vers, runoilija
  • Juice ja Mikko
  • Keskitysleirin ruokavalio
  • Tauko I
  •  Välikausitakki: Välikausitakki
  • Tauko II
  •  XV yö (Tauko III)
  • Ajan Henki
  • Dokumentti
  • Sivilisaatio
  • Deep Sea Diver
  • Pyromaani palaa rikospaikalle
  •  Juice Leskinen: Sinä
  • Taivaan kappaleita
  • Simsalabim Jim
  • Haitaribussi
  • Kiveä ja sämpylää
  •  Juice Leskinen: L
  • Vaiti, aivan hiljaa
  • Senaattori ja boheemi

These are some of the popular albums released by Leskinen, and if you love to listen to his songs, then you must check out live sessions from 2004 to 2006. There are many other remarkable discoveries to check out, and you will love to check them out for sure.

What Inspires the Most?

In Juice Leskinen life, his dedication and all the tries made him gain such popularity. Being unique doesn’t mean the best, so you should consider going with your own lifestyle and never fearing of the future. Your own decision selects your destiny, and you can be a great singer like Leskinen for sure. Hope this small story of Leskinen will inspire you toward a better future.

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