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In this modern era, people are fond of music and other recreational activities. The trend of music bands is increasing day by day. It’s a piece of good news for the music lover that the cold play is coming up with various music albums to increase their fan following. So if the music lovers want to join the music concert, then they can contact Dave Holmes Coldplay for booking purposes. Coldplay band has won many awards and represented their band on various television channels. They are working day and night to earn name and fame over the globe.

Background of cold play

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Cold play is a British rocking music band that was formed in 1996, and the first band was formed in London. The music band has four musicians playing different musical instruments. Some are guitarists, while others are a vocalist. In the beginning years of the cold play band, they changed their name and stared their journey from the name called starfish, and after some time, they were known as cold play.

They earned positive goodwill after changing their name to Coldplay. Coldplay achieved lots of awards, and with their increasing fame, they realized their first song and afterward released many songs. Not only they release songs, but they also have worked hard to make their albums. They keep on uploading new albums and songs year after year and gained the right name and fame over the globe

By introducing different styles of songs, they capture the attention of numerous people. . Their records earned lots of dollars by selling their records all around thaw world. Every year they come up with a new album to attract the public. Even they have worked on ghost stories for those who love ghost movies.