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5 Nail care tools and their usage

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To make designs and improve the beauty of hands, there are tools that are often used by nail experts or technicians. Nail care services include a number of tools to treat your nails right and provide you the proper comfort. You can get knowledge of the nail tools and equipment and buy them from any online or retail store like Walmart Nail Prices are so reasonable. Just keep in mind that before you use the tools, you need to sterilize them in dettol or alcohol. 

Let us gain some knowledge about nail care tools and their usage:-

  1. Nail cutter

This is the most essential tool to cut or trim down your nails in order to give them proper shape and size. Also, you should make regular use of nail cutter to trim your nails as the bacteria and germs get into the nails.

  • Cuticle pusher

The cuticle pusher is used to push the skin down from your nails, and the cuticles need special care as if they become dry, it causes irritation. You just need to push the skin lightly as it might bleed and cause infection.

  • Nail buffer

This is used to remove the dullness and give the proper shine to your nails. You just need to do buffing once in a month as excessive can make your nails thin.

  • Nail brush

Brushes are used to remove the dirt or stains from the nails, and it can be used daily as it is an essential tool for cleaning the nails thoroughly.

  • Scrubs and creams

You need to exfoliate your skin by using the scrubs for smooth and soft skin. Scrubs tend to remove the dead layer of the hands and gently used the creams.

Lastly, the above tools will help you to design the nails and make them clean and dirt-free.