If you are living in Singapore and planning to buy a house near Jiak Kim Street, then you should choose the option of the Fraser Residence. Fraser Residence Promenade Jiak Kim Street is widespread in the area of 551,245 Sqft, which is really wide. Even you will get all those facilities which you are expecting from a royal project. Instead of playgrounds, your kids are able to enjoy in the shopping mall. Even you can visit that place on the weekends for shopping. Now I am going to share some valuable facts about the Fraser Residence Promenade in upcoming paragraphs.

Public parks

Project holders have already decided to make the public parks so you can enjoy in the public park. Therefore, people can easily check out the different facilities of the Fraser Residence and the public park is beneficial for people who like to do jogging in the morning. In addition to this, people can easily stay fit and fine by doing a morning walk at the public parks. Even parents will stay satisfied their kids are playing parks which is a stone throw distance.

Your kids will get higher education

People those are worried about the education of their kids should first check out the Fraser Residence. Basically, your kids are able to gain higher education from the school which is available near to the Jiak Kim Street. Not only the school but there is also the best and top ranking college where young blood gets proper knowledge into different fields. Nonetheless, if you have any doubt about the facilities of the Fraser Residence, then you should first visit at the official website and check out the information. Once you get satisfied, then you are able to  book your space in the Fraser Residence.