The coccyx area of the body is made up of three or five vertebrae like small bones. These small bones help in the standing, sitting and even in every movement of the body. In modern day’s lifestyle, every person spends most of his day sitting for longer durations. This sitting activity might lead to injuries in the coccyx area resulting in coccydynia, a harrowing situation.

Here the need of coccyx pillow or say a butt pillow comes which not only improves your stature but also kills the pain. The main advantages derived from back supporting coccyx pillows include:

  1. Sitting for long duration builds strains in the lower back area of the body. Overweight people suffer this the most as bodyweight can make more strains while sitting. The result of this is a chronic disorder with discomfort. Therefore, coccyx cushion is designed to comfort and to provide an ultimate support to the back area.
  2. Sometimes sitting in the same posture for more time can lead to slouching. So the pillow will help you in proper body shaping and improved position.
  3. These pillows are designed with the highest quality material to provide the lower spine with the necessary support. The best stuff is memory foam which is highly adjustable with everybody weight. In result, you will be able to align your body correctly and won’t suffer from fatigue.
  4. One of the unique features of these pillows design is its cut out area. This is specially designed so that the required space can be offered to the coccyx to suspend. Concisely, it prevents ones back from being directly in contact with the hard seat.
  5. You can use and carry these cushions anywhere that means asides from your home and office. Therefore, they are portable and can be taken to any place. These pillows are that much convenient that they will fit on any chair’s shape.

In a nutshell, if you are the one who is suffering from the tailbone pain or severe backaches, then coccyx cushion will be the perfect solution for you.It will rectify your problem correctly.