The sweat shed in winter determines the performance of the season. Ten professional baseball teams are having time to warm up at spring camp. They set up camps in warm places such as the United States, Japan, Guam, and Australia, and are sweating hard for better results this season. In particular, six teams, including KIA and kt, are gathering in the vicinity of Arizona, USA, where training facilities are well-equipped, and are undergoing field training. For this reason, the WBC national team, which starts next month, also set up a camp here, where it is easy for players to join.

The busiest command tower this winter is kt coach Lee Kang-cheol. To take care of his team’s camp or to take care of the WBC national team, even two bodies are not enough. Coach Lee, who led the team camp in Arizona, left the team on the 16th, taking on the responsibility of coaching the WBC national team.

Coach Lee said, “Our team’s power is fixed, and now we have to focus on the national team, so we planned the new season in advance.” Director Lee also drew attention by saying that he would use Kang Baek-ho as the designated hitter. They have the best starting lineup in the league, but they are worried about how to manage them. Both the team and the WBC national team are complicated in their heads to achieve good results.먹튀검증

The team that received the most attention in the FA market this winter is the Lotte Giants, which finished in 8th place last year.

Kang-nam Yoo from LG and Jin-hyeok Noh from NC were recruited for catcher and shortstop positions, which were weak points, and a number of A-class players were recruited, including pitcher Hyun-hee Han, who could be selected from Kiwoom. Lotte, who has not played fall baseball for five consecutive years after finishing third in 2017, is preparing for a rebound by making large-scale investments ahead of this season.

Lotte signed contract renewals early with three foreign players who showed good performances last year, and if some promising players such as Kim Jin-wook and Seo Jun-won grow, it is worth aiming for the top 5. Lotte completed the first camp in Guam and moved to Okinawa, Japan, to hold the second camp. The elite members selected in the first camp will undergo final training and will have a practice match with the Japanese professional 2nd team.

Unlike Lotte, NC’s Arizona training ground, which is concerned about the absence of key players, is also drawing attention.

NC has completed reinforcement to the extent of recruiting Park Se-hyuk from Doosan instead of catcher Yang Eui-ji and shortstop No Jin-hyuk, who were the main players in the championship. Among the four players involved in the drinking scandal, Kwon Hee-dong was not under contract after the FA declaration, Park Seok-min’s salary was drastically cut, and Lee Myung-gi was transferred. Only Park Min-woo paid for his name by signing a multi-year contract.

Existing players are desperately needed. Infielder Park Min-woo, the team’s franchise star, and Son Ah-seop, Park Kun-woo, who were recruited as free agents, need a rebound. The shoulders of Kim Joo-won, who should be the starting shortstop, are also heavy. In particular, after finishing last season, Park Min-woo signed a super-large free agency contract worth up to 14 billion won for 8 years (5+3 years), the longest contract period ever, and became the team’s flagship player. As Na Seong-beom last year and Yang Eui-ji this year left NC, Park Min-woo and Koo Chang-mo are in a situation where they have to hold the center in pitching.

This year, the actions of the owners who have a lot of affection for the club are also noticeable.

On the 11th, Vice Chairman Jeong Yong-jin of Shinsegae Group, owner of last year’s winning team SSG, visited a training ground in Florida and encouraged the team. He told the players, “Last year (after confirming the combined championship), I told them that the first place in the home crowd was the happiest.” I expressed my intentions. Vice-Chairman Chung said, “The situation is similar to last year,” and he is expecting a good chance for a second consecutive victory.

Park Jeong-won, owner of Doosan, also has a lot of affection for the baseball team. Owner Park, who also personally recruited new coach Lee Seung-yeop, visited Doosan Spring Camp in Sydney, Australia on the 13th to encourage Lee and the team. After a disappointing season with a shocking 9th place last year, Doosan announced a rebuilding of the prestigious team by signing manager Lee Seung-yeop and Yang Eui-ji as owner Park.

Owner Park Jeong-won said, “Please forget about the past season and do your best with a new resolution with the newly appointed head coach Lee Seung-yeop. I hope you do not disappoint the fans and play impressive baseball like the Bears.” Reporter Seongjin Kim

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