Goyang Carrot won a counterattack. In the third quarter, Lee Jung-hyun, who ruled the court, completely dominated the game.

Carrot defeated Anyang KGC, the first place in the regular league, 89-75 in the second game of the 2022-2023 SKT Adot Pro Basketball semifinal playoff (Best of 5) held at the Anyang Indoor Gymnasium on the 15th.

Lee Jung-hyun exploded 32 points and completely destroyed the KGC system with 5 steals. Didric Lawson also recorded 24 points and 15 rebounds.

On the other hand, KGC recorded Omari Spellman (19 points), Byun Jun-hyung (16 points), and Bae Byung-jun (13 points), but Oh Se-geun (14 points) only ran for 19 minutes and 38 seconds.

Carrot, who suffered a humiliating defeat in the first game, returned the series to the starting point with 1 win and 1 loss. Game 3 will be held in Goyang on the 17th.

Goyang Carrot in the first game was humiliating. 43-99, lost by a whopping 56 points. It was the largest score difference in professional basketball history throughout the regular league and playoffs (previous 2014-2015 season E-Land-Seoul Samsung match 100: 46. 54 points difference). He also recorded the lowest PO score ever.

Looking at the series as a whole, if they lost Game 2, Carrot had no hope of advancing to the championship game. Because of this, Carrot’s performance in the first quarter was very important. Clearly, there was a high probability of pouring everything in without thinking about where to win in the 4th quarter.

▶ 1st Quarter = Strong KGC, but Carrot had Lawson

Clearly, Carrot’s initial defensive movement was different. It seemed that the pressure was firmly applied. However, KGC expected it. attacked slowly.

At the center was Oh Se-geun. When Spellman got the ball, Carrot immediately activated the double team defense system. Oh Se-geun had fully anticipated it. At the perfect timing, he threw a pass to Spellman, scored 2 points, and then scored 3 points when an open chance occurred in the same formation. 5-0, KGC’s lead.

In the first game, Lee Jung-hyun, who was in the top 6, was extremely sluggish. He scored just four points while playing 16 minutes and 43 seconds. There was also relativity against high-level matchup opponents such as KGC Byun Jun-hyung and Park Ji-hoon, but it was sluggish. A weakness that Carrot manager Kim Seung-gi emphasized, “Lee Jung-hyun has ups and downs. He must have the same performance no matter what opponent,” came out.

On this day, Lee Jung-hyun took a very active movement in the first quarter. However, the opponent was Byun Jun-hyung, one of the best main ball handlers in the league. Lee Jung-hyun put strong pressure on the defense, but committed a foul. After making a close mark, Byun Jun-hyung showed off a picturesque give and go, neutralizing Lee Jung-hyun’s defense.

11-2, KGC perfectly took the early lead. However, Carrot was different from the first game. In particular, Ace Lawson’s shooting sense was very good in the first quarter. When Lawson didn’t have a smooth set offense, he made consecutive mid jumpers in a one-on-one match with Spellman.

Carrot’s offensive flow began to revive. Jeon Seong-hyun broke through KGC’s pressure and scored 3 points. Even Lawson scored 3 points in a 1v1 situation.

However, KGC’s one-two punch did not let go. Oh Se-geun’s 3 stores. Byun Jun-hyung changed the flow again with a basket count 3-point play. In the end, 30-25, KGC’s lead by 5 points.

Oh Se-geun’s game coordination and play that touches on the weaknesses of the Carrot double team system are very impressive. Byun Jun-hyung gained the upper hand against Lee Jung-hyun in a one-on-one match and opened the way to attack. However, unlike the first game, Carrot was not lethargic. With Lawson’s excellent shooting sense, he had a field goal rate of 67% in just one quarter. scored 13 points. KGC seemed to dominate the first quarter, but the reason why they took a 5-point lead.

It is necessary to chew on the scene with about 3 minutes left in the first quarter. Moon Seong-gon, who closely marked Lawson. In the process of securing space by widening his elbow, Lawson hit Moon Seong-gon in the face. However, no attacker foul was called. The referees, who were so sensitive to the use of elbows in the semifinal series, declared ‘no foul’ in this scene. This is the part where the consistency of judgment can be a problem.

▶2nd Quarter = Carrot’s counterattack

Carrot was not behind. The 2nd quarter was also the best member. On the other hand, KGC shifted gears as a second unit. However, Park Ji-hoon, Bae Byeong-joon, and Jung Joon-won are also strong. Lawson and Lee Jung-hyun’s three stores exploded. I got my first lead in the series.

In KGC, Spellman fired a tough 3-pointer, but it ended with a single shot.

Carrot diligently created outside chances as Lee Jung-hyun tore the defense. Lee Jung-hyun, who certainly played a big role in the playoffs in the 6th round, showed his presence even in the close proximity of the KGC guards. Lee Jung-hyun even scored a quick break, and Carrot opened up a 38-33, 5-point lead.

It has been in a state of flux since then.

Carrot continued to engage in local warfare. A mismatch was made with the switch, and Lawson and Lee Jung-hyun’s post-up or face-up opened the way for the attack. However, KGC was also not easy. Certainly, the ‘single number’ was high overall.

For example, Lawson created space after receiving the screen. Then, Park Ji-hoon blocked Lawson’s movement in advance with efficient bumping (an act of bumping into the opponent’s path or disrupting the timing. It can be called a foul, so it must be used appropriately), and Lawson eventually blew the opportunity to face-up. .

In the end, 46-42, Carrot reversed by 4 points. Carrot poured all his energy into the first half. There were also achievements. However, Lee Jung-hyun (20 minutes) could not rest even for a minute.

▶3rd Quarter = Court Ruler Lee Jeong-hyeon

One of the reasons KGC struggled in the first half was because Moon Seong-gon got into foul trouble with 3 fouls early on.

KGC sent the best member again in the 3rd quarter. However, 42 seconds after the start of the 3rd quarter, Moon Seong-gon’s foul, 4 fouls were taken.

However, Moon Seong-gon’s 3-point turnaround.

Oh Se-geun’s free throw and Spellman’s 3-pointer by early offense exploded. The atmosphere began to lean toward KGC again. 52-49, reversed.

However, from this time on, Lee Jung-hyun’s ‘Crazy Mode’ was activated. Lee Jung-hyun, who scored 3 points, scored consecutively with foul free throws by steals. reversed again.

‘Showtime’ has begun. A fast attack by steal, and an exquisite step-back 3 against Spellman. It didn’t stop here. Lawson’s outlet pass was connected to 3 points, and KGC’s fast break pass was blocked and even a single fast break was successful. He scored 16 points in 6 minutes in the 3rd quarter. He made several successful fast attacks through steals. It was a complete game changer. 72-57, the gap widened to 15 points.

KGC failed to counterattack. He continued to cherish Oh Se-geun, and the exact score, which was pointed out as a weakness in the regular league, could not come from the spellman side.

▶ 4th Quarter = KGC There was no Oh Se-geun.

Lee Jung-hyun was very active. However, the score difference was 12 points. There was plenty of room for KGC to pursue.

Carrot exploded Han Ho-bin’s three stores by an elaborate pattern. A 15-point lead. At this time, Kim Jin-yu, the core of Carrot’s defense, suffered an arm injury while participating in a rebound. Kim Jin-yu complained of pain and went to the bench.

Lawson easily scored 2 points over exquisite fake and spellman. 77-60, widening the lead by 17 points. KGC still did not put in Oh Se-geun, Moon Seong-gon, and Byun Jun-hyung.

Park Ji-hoon’s shot under the goal. KGC seemed to turn the tide. The physical strength of Carrot’s main forces was very low. However, 15 points with 7 minutes remaining. No matter how KGC, it was burdensome.

Spellman’s dunk by a steal. KGC began putting full-court presses on. Carrot’s operation time.

Han Ho-bin scored another 3 points. Carrot had to hold on, and KGC needed a lot of points. Bae Byung-Jun’s 3-pointers missed the rim one after another. However, KGC won consecutive offensive rebounds. The problem is that it doesn’t shoot.

Moon Seong-gon got 2 free throws, but both failed. Bae Byung-Jun’s 3-pointer in the corner still missed.

On the other hand, Carrot opened the score to 18 points with Jeon Seong-hyun’s tough mid-jumper passing through the rim with 4 minutes and 47 seconds left. 메이저놀이터

However, KGC was not easy. Chasing up to 11 points with Byun Jun-hyung’s basket count. At this time, Carrot had Han Ho-bin’s bank shot, and KGC had Monroe’s mistake. In the end, victory or defeat was decided here.

Carrot, who had lined up, was clearly powerful. In particular, Lee Jung-hyun, who stepped up his skills in the match against Hyundai Mobis in the 6th round, showed his power in the face-to-face confrontation with KGC’s powerful backcourt. He was sluggish in Game 1, but is striking against him as he perfectly dominates the court in Game 2.

On the other hand, KGC’s weaknesses revealed in the regular league were exposed. The power itself is very strong, but there is a 2% lack of solvers to cut off the flow in the match. On this day, Oh Se-geun was hardly used in the second half. Spellman is a player with power and 3 points, but he is not able to break the flow by going out of the way under strong pressure from Carrot. It is also a weakness that KGC has to bear with in the PO series.

In addition, ‘Motion Offense’, which was the driving force behind the great victory in Game 1, became ‘Poison’ in Game 2. Due to the nature of playoffs, offensive options with the highest probability must be available without a break. A typical example is that Carrot is showing strength while concentrating his attacks on Lawson and Lee Jung-hyun. However, at the moment of crisis, KGC lacked the impactful role of breaking the opponent’s defense in the moment of crisis, Byun Jun-hyung, Spellman, and Oh Se-geun in the second game. This is because there is a lack of opportunities and options to demonstrate individual capabilities within a tight framework.

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