Whether the gentleman’s team will win consecutive championships after a long time, the ladies’ team will widen the gap in the opponent’s record. A group battle between gentlemen and ladies formed the lineup of the 17th season.

The 17th Jiji Auction Cup gentleman vs. ladies winning streak competition was held at the Korea Kiwon Convention Center on the 15th and 17th, and 8 people per team were selected. In the preliminaries, 53 people participated in the gentleman’s team and 52 people in the ladies’ team. The composition of each team is as follows (one sponsor seed is undecided)

■ Gentlemen’s team: Hanseung ChoㆍChangho LeeㆍChanghyeok Yoo (above ranking seeds), Jisung KangㆍChanwoo KimㆍMyunghun ChoiㆍKyucheol OhㆍJoyoung AhnㆍDaehyun BaekㆍByungkyu ParkㆍJungwoo Lee (above passed the preliminaries)
■ Ladies Team: Choi JeongㆍKim ChaeyoungㆍKim Eunji (ranking seed), Jo SeungahㆍKim MiriㆍOh YujinㆍKang DajeongㆍKim SeonbinㆍNakyungㆍKim KyungeunㆍKim Hyemin (passed the preliminary

) ‘Gentlemen’, and ‘Sisters’ showed strength in the ladies’ team, which does not impose an age limit. Lee Jung-woo, 9th dan of the gentleman team, and Kim Gyeong-eun, 3rd dan, Kim Sun-bin, 2nd dan, and Lee Na-kyung, 1st dan, of the ladies team were selected as the first representatives.토스카지노

Oh Kyu-cheol, 9th Dan (left) won 6 and a half victories over Han Jong-jin, 9th Dan, and was named the oldest representative of the gentleman team. 3 victories in the first match in 18 years.

The oldest are Oh Kyu-cheol (71 years old) of the gentleman team and Kim Hye-min (37 years old) of the ladies team. The youngest are Jo Han-seung, 9th dan (age 41) of the gentleman team, and Lee Na-gyeong, chodan (15 years old) of the ladies team. The age difference between the oldest and the youngest reached 56 years.

The average age, excluding sponsor seeds, is 48.1 years old for the gentleman team and 25.3 years old for the ladies team. Last season, the men’s team was 44.3 years old and the ladies’ team was 25 years old.

The finals, in which the gentlemen’s team and the ladies’ team compete with each other in a 12-12 winning streak, will cut the first tape on the evening of June 20th. The prize money for the winning team is 120 million won. In the meantime, the ladies’ team won the 1st, 4th, 6th, 8th, 9th, 11th, 12th, 14th and 15th periods, and the gentleman’s team won the 2nd, 3rd, 5th, 7th, 10th, 13th and 16th periods.

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