Mid-August passes.메이저사이트 Autumn has been predicted after the fall has passed as a seasonal season. Baseball’s season prepares for a climax towards a standings decision. Like the heat wave unlike previous years, the fall of baseball will be different from previous years. Looking at the top and bottom leaderboards, you can feel the hearts of the fans, where excitement, anticipation, and anxiety intersect. I am no different. From the players on the team to the staff, it seems that there will be many times when the blood is dry and sleepless. 

However, as if it was like when, we reset and take our own seats the next day. Fans and players alike did their own rituals. Even if you win nicely the day before (or vice versa), you need to come back calmly the next day. During last year’s Major League (MLB) World Series, Dusty Baker (Houston Astros) manager says: It was the day after the team won 5-0 in the 4th game, and that was a no-hitter. “It’s something to be happy about, but don’t be happy too long. Baseball is a game played every day. Today is a new day.” 

Isn’t it often said, “Don’t be happy”? It is not the know-how of a veteran director in his mid-70s. As I live, I learn that ‘the expiration date of sadness and joy is not long, maybe only one day’ while watching baseball.

However, there is a prerequisite. If you want to focus on, feel the heart of, and enjoy baseball, you are immersed in baseball itself. Like it or not, you accept the outcome. What is important for this to happen? I think it’s about managing the game properly. It’s the referee’s role, the league’s role. So what exactly does that mean? I would say it is accurate. Fair progress is important, but what will happen if we apply what we misjudge and apply to both sides. Accuracy takes precedence over fairness.

Wrong judgment and inaccurate progress prevent full immersion. This is the era where video reading is done and computers are used to look into the moment. It is not persuasive to accept visible judging errors. You can’t close your eyes to inaccurate judgement with the words ‘a misjudgment is also part of the game’. In order to respect the authority of referees, accuracy must first be guaranteed.

There were voices concerned that the authority of referees would be diminished when the video review was introduced. However, I did not criticize the referee for overturning the decision in a situation that could only be confirmed by running the replay screen several times. It understands that human ability can do that. It is because the more important value and the authority of judgment lived because equipment and technology to complement it were introduced. Could this be the point? Is it the authority of the referee or the authority of the judgment? What is the most important league?

The referee issue that hinders the enjoyment of baseball is serious. I am sincerely worried about the situation that will become more sensitive in the upcoming fall. August 11 A scene seems to pass quietly. For small market teams, unfavorable results for low-ranking teams are unlikely to be an issue.

But the truth of the verdict remains. You can see the trajectory of ‘that ball’ on the portal site. You can see how much is missing. Some may point out that the pitch trajectory used in the portal is less accurate due to the limitations of the system (PTS). But will ‘the ball’ be buried in the black hole of controversy? If you open the trackman system installed in the baseball field, the club can check each ball one by one. Since TrackMan data is shared by each club, other teams can also see it. We know the skill of the referee and the accuracy of the judgment. Who knows how wrong. I just don’t say it out loud.

Knowing that appeals for strikes are futile, several coaches protesting one after another and being sent off show the atmosphere of the field. It’s the boiling bottom of the people’s heart. Seeds of doubt grow. ‘Even though he keeps making mistakes, he comes out again.’ ‘It’s like that at an important moment.’ ‘Why is league management like this… .’

‘That ball’ is a ball that flew from Jamsil on a Friday night after a typhoon passed. Kiwoom attacked in the top of the 6th inning when the score was tied 3-3, runners 1st and 3rd base, 2 outs full count situation. This is the 6th ball from LG pitcher Ham Deok-ju. This is the ‘ball’ that received the strike call from referee Song Soo-geun. ‘The ball’ may cause a storm of controversy.

Certified coach Kim Jong-moon Kim Jong-moon, a certified coach of the Korea Coaches Association

, was a reporter for the JoongAng Ilbo and worked as a front desk for the NC Dinos baseball team from 2011 to 2021. At the end of 2018, he took over as the leader of the ‘last-place’ team and led it to the first championship team two years later. He is currently a Korean Coach Association Certified Coach (KPC).

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