Catcher Kim Tae-gun’s transfer to the KIA Tigers takes a similar form to that seen only in the major league trade deadline. At the end of this season, players from low-ranking teams who qualify for free agency transfer to teams competing in the postseason. The only difference is that the player who moved to the Samsung Lions was infielder Ryu Ji-hyeok, who is not a promising player, but an immediate sense of power.온라인바카라

The success or failure of the trade is something to be judged over time, but the number of wins for Kim Tae-gun has become a definite plus factor for KIA. KIA has been on a three-game winning streak since the SSG game on the 5th when Kim Tae-gun joined. The ranking, which fell to 9th, only rose one notch to 8th, but it was tied for 4th place, NC Dinos and Lotte Giants, with a 3.0 game gap. It is only 4.0 games behind third place Doosan.

KIA has endured a lot of bleeding to get the main catcher. When Park Dong-won (LG) was brought in from Kiwoom Heroes, he handed over infielder Kim Tae-jin, 1 billion won in cash, and the right to pick for the second round. After failing to sign a non-FA multi-year contract with Park Dong-won, he spent another second round of nominations to recruit Joo Hyo-sang. In addition, even the FA negotiations with Park Dong-won were overturned. In the process of bringing in one Kim Tae-gun, he spent two players, two nominations for the second round, and one billion won.

But what if I miss Kim Tae-goon again this time? It is highly likely that there will be an aftermath that will have to change the club development plan. It should also be taken into account that among catchers who become free agents after this season, there are few players like Kim Tae-goon. It is understood that there has not been any concrete movement yet, but it may also be a way to secure Kim Tae-gun with a non-FA multi-year contract before he is released to the market.

Fortunately, Kim Tae-goon melted into the new team with his amazing ability to adapt to the point where he was mistaken as if he was originally a KIA player. He contributed to the winning streak by posting RBIs in three consecutive games at bat. Above all, it seems necessary to maintain a long relationship with Kim Tae-gun in that KIA has been thirsty for a main catcher to entrust with peace of mind so far.

It is up to KIA to decide whether a non-FA multi-year contract will be effective or whether it will keep an eye on the situation in the FA market. However, in recent years, the negotiation process with the FA has not been smooth for KIA. It is the same even if Park Dong-won’s transfer to LG, which brought about the ‘exploitation of asking for back money’. An Chi-hong moved the team to Lotte, and then the expenses were concentrated on Kim Sun-bin, who had not been in a good negotiation until then. The contract with Yang Hyeon-jong took on an atypical form due to budgeting issues.

In the midst of this, Shim Jae-hak, the general manager, will lead the club’s operation. Shim Jae-hak, general manager, replaced two foreign pitchers at once, showing the team and fans his will to advance to the postseason. In the same vein, having Kim Tae-gun sit down can also be an expression of his will to be sent inside and outside the club.

Kim Tae-goon is also likely to focus on the game comfortably without worrying about the winter. As in his last 3 games, the ‘Kim Tae-gun effect’ can continue in his remaining 72 games. From Kim Tae-gun’s point of view, there is no reason to avoid negotiating a non-FA multi-year contract. It is not too much to say that he has only KIA’s choice left.

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