LG succeeded in winning by reaping a come-from-behind victory.

LG won 7-3 in a match against Lotte in the 2023 KBO League held at Jamsil Stadium on the 25th. LG was dragged 1-3 and tied the score in the 7th inning, and won a come-from-behind victory with 4 runs and big innings in the 8th inning.카지노

LG recorded 43 wins, 2 draws and 26 losses, chasing SSG with a difference of 0.5 games. The recent 4 consecutive winning series continued.

On the other hand, Lotte led 3-1 until the 6th inning and allowed a tie with the bullpen hunting. And a defensive error allowed the finish line. In June, it is on a downward trend with 6 consecutive losses. With 33 wins and 33 losses, the win rate was pushed to 50%.

Lotte changed the batting order that day. Hwang Seong-bin (left fielder) Yoon Dong-hee (right fielder) Ko Seung-min (1st baseman) Rex (designated hitter) Ahn Chi-hong (2nd baseman) Han Dong-hee (3rd baseman) Park Seung-wook (shortstop) Kim Min-seok (center fielder) Son Seong-bin (catcher) started.

Coach Sutton said before the game, “The reason why Seung-Min Ko (who was hitting No. 1) was put forward as No. 3 was to appoint Hwang Seong-bin as the No. 1 hitter in line with the opponent’s selection, and the lineup was made with an emphasis on faster players in the outfield defense. Seong-Bin Hwang If you play a role in this number 1, you can ignite the other line, including Yun Dong-hee and Ko Seung-min.”

Against this, LG started the starting lineup with Hong Chang-ki (right fielder) Moon Seong-joo (left fielder) Kim Hyun-soo (1st baseman) Austin (designated hitter) Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop) Kim Min-seong (3rd baseman) Park Hae-min (center fielder) Heo Do-hwan (catcher) Shin Min-jae (2nd baseman).

Starting catcher Park Dong-won and starting third baseman Moon Bo-kyung waited on the bench to arrange their stamina. Regarding Lee Jung-yong, who is starting as his first starter after his debut, LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop said, “I will throw within 50 pitches.”

After one out in the first inning, Lotte took a chance to first and second base with Yoon Dong-hee’s right-handed hit and Koh Seung-min’s right-handed hit. It was canceled as Rex was out with a fly ball in left field and An Chi-hong withdrew with a fly ball in center field.

In LG, lead batter Oh Ji-hwan got on base with a right-handed hit in the second inning, and Kim Min-seong picked a walk. After Hae-Min Park withdrew due to a foul fly by the third baseman, Do-Hwan Heo also walked on base and became the first bases loaded.

Shin Min-jae’s well-hit ball was out with a straight hit to the second baseman, and the chance was canceled with a double out to the runner on second base who was late.

Lee Jung-yong went to the mound in the 3rd inning and sent lead batter Hwang Seong-bin to a walk on the 6th pitch. He was replaced by Choi Dong-hwan in 49 pitches. Yoon Dong-hee became first and second base with a heavy hit. After a bunt foul, Koh Seung-min walked and created a chance with no bases loaded.

Rex’s third baseman grounder put the runner on third out at home. Ahn Chi-hong took the lead by pushing with a ball that fit his body. LG changed pitcher from Choi Dong-hwan to Jung Woo-young. Han Dong-hee stepped down with a three-pitch strikeout and became the bases loaded with two outs.

After Park Seung-wook hit fouls one after another in two strikes, he hit a right-handed hit at the right time, and two people were called home. ran away 3-0. Then, Kim Min-seok made the bases 2 out with a hit ball, but Son Seong-bin ended the attack with a floating ball to the right fielder.

In the 5th inning for LG, lead batter Heo Do-hwan went on base with a ball that hit his body. Shin Min-jae hit a left-handed hit and became 1st and 2nd base safely, and Hong Chang-ki picked a walk and took a chance with a safe and full base.

Second baseman Moon Seong-joo made up for one point by scoring a runner on third base with a grounder double hit. LG applied for a video review with out/safe from first base, and it was overturned from out to safe.

However, Kim Hyun-soo was out with a line drive to the right field at 1st and 3rd base. At this time, the runner on third base could not retouch. The runner on first base attempted to steal second base in Austin’s at-bat with 2nd out, 1st and 3rd, but was tagged out.

After one out in the 6th inning, LG hit a foul home run that slightly deviated from the left foul pole against pitcher Shim Jae-min, who had replaced Oh Ji-hwan. LG applied for a video reading, but the foul centrifugal was unchanged. Oh Ji-hwan went on base with a right-handed hit. Then, Kim Min-seong became first and second base with a ball that fit his body.

Park Hae-min attempted a surprise bunt toward third base, but the third baseman quickly threw it to first base and it was out. 2 out 2nd, 3rd base chance. Park Dong-won, who was replaced from defense in the top of the 6th inning, entered the plate and failed to save a chance with a shortstop grounder.

In LG, leading hitter Shin Min-jae walked in the 7th inning. The ball hit by Hong Chang-ki lightly grazed the pitcher’s glove and rolled in front of the second baseman. The second baseman tossed the shortstop, and only the leading runner got out.

In the first out and first base, pitcher Kim Sang-soo checked first base and the ball fell backwards. First base runner Hong Chang-ki advanced to second base. Moon Seong-joo hit Woo Sang-sang, who was taller than first baseman, and the runner on second base scored. Moon Seong-joo ran to third base and scored 1 RBI and 3 bases. We chased after 3-2.

Lotte lowered Kim Sang-soo at 1st and 3rd base and replaced the pitcher with Koo Seung-min. Kim Hyun-soo hit a timely hit that slipped past the pitcher to tie the game 3-3.

In the 8th inning, LG replaced lead hitter Kim Min-seong with a pinch hitter, Moon Bo-gyeong, and went on base with a right-handed hit. Park Hae-min’s sacrifice bunt made it 1 out and 2 base.

Park Dong-won picked a walk and became 1st, 1st and 2nd base. Shin Min-jae hit a ground ball toward the second base base. Shortstop Park Seung-wook caught it and tossed it to second baseman An Chi-hong, but An Chi-hong fell and failed to catch the ball. While the ball was rolling towards 1st base, 2nd base runner Moon Bo-kyung went to 3rd base and dug into the groove to turn the score 4-3. It was recorded as a throwing error by the shortstop.

Lotte even put in Kim Won-jung, the finisher. Hong Chang-gi hit the body with a ball that made the bases loaded with one out. When Moon Seong-joo hit a timely hit in the middle match, two people stepped on the groove. ran away 6-3. Then, Kim Hyun-soo hit a right-handed hit at second base and ran away 7-3.

Lotte starter Strayley recorded 3 hits, 4 walks, 1 walk and 1 run in 5⅓ innings, but the victory was canceled as the bullpen allowed a tie.

Lee Jung-yong of LG, who started as a starting pitcher for the first time after playing as a bullpen pitcher since his debut in 2019, recorded 3 hits, 1 walk and 1 run in 2 innings (49 pitches) in his first debut.

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