Frederick Cudron (Belgium, Wellbang Savings Bank), the strongest in the men’s professional billiards (PBA) division, wrote another history. After advancing to the finals eight times and winning all of them with a 100% win rate, the total prize money exceeded 1 billion won for the first time.먹튀검증

Kudron defeated his teammate Birol Wimaz (Turkiye) in the men’s final of the ‘Silk Road & Ansan PBA-LPBA Championship’, which was held on the 11th at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do. The set score was 4 to 1 (15-13 15-3 15-5 13-15 15-11).

He lifted the 8th championship cup of his personal career. This is the highest number of wins for both men and women. Throng Piabi (Blue One Resort), who won the women’s division the day before, reached the top in the 6th inning.

Above all, Kudron followed the formula of ‘final = victory’. He has been to the finals eight times and boasts an undefeated career. In the women’s division, Kim Min-ah (NH Nonghyup Card) also has an undefeated record in the finals, but only twice. A 100% win rate in the 8th final is bound to be a phenomenal record.

Here, Kudron broke the 1 billion won total prize money for the first time in the PBA, both men and women. Kudron, who won 100 million won in prize money by winning the day, accumulated 994.5 million won in prize money alone, 6 times ‘Well Bang Top Ranking’ (total 24 million won) and 1 time ‘TS Shampoo Perfect Q’ (10 million won) ) earned a total prize money of 1,028.5 million won. The second place in the career prize money ranking is ‘Spanish powerhouse’ David Zapata (Blue One Resort) with 654 million won.

Before entering the PBA, Kudron was already a world-class player. During his time at the World Carom Federation (UMB), Kudron won two World Championships and 17 World Cups, and became the ‘Emperor’ Tobjorn Bromdal (Sweden), Dick Jaspers (Netherlands), Daniel Sanchez (Spain, SY) and ‘Four Generations’. He reigned as ‘King of Heaven’.

Kudron also struggled in the early days of the PBA. He needed time to adapt to a different environment from UMB, such as the official ball and set system. He won one championship each in the 2019-2020 season and 2020-2021 season, but the season rankings were 3rd and 2nd.

Kudron shot with fierce eyes in the men’s final of the ‘Silk Road & Ansan PBA-LPBA Championship’, which was held at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do on the 11th. PBA

However, Kudron completely conquered the PBA in the third season. In particular, he won four consecutive championships for the first time in the PBA, including the King of the Kings, and finished the season in unrivaled first place with a prize money of 506.5 million won.

However, Kudron faltered last season. He also kept his pride by winning one championship, but had to finish the season in third place in the rankings, being pushed behind by “Superman” Jae-ho Cho (NH Nonghyup Card), who won three championships. Kudron self-confided about last season, saying, “I achieved good results,” but because it was Kudron, it was a bit disappointing for the fans.

Moreover, as strong players joined the PBA ahead of this season, there was even a prospect that it would be difficult for Kudron to play solo. Including Sanchez, Choi Seong-won (Huons), the first Korean to win the UMB World Championship, and Semi Seiginer (Turkiye Huons), the “art ball master”.

In particular, Seiginer predicted a blast by winning the season opener, the ‘Blue One Resort Championship’ last month. He wrote the history of winning the first PBA debut match. On the other hand, Kudron made a contrast by being eliminated in the first round.

Kudron and Throng (middle) taking commemorative photos with key figures at the ‘Silk Road & Ansan PBA-LPBA Championship’ awards ceremony that concluded at Sangnoksu Gymnasium in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do on the 11th. PBA

However, Kudron showed off his health in the second tour of the season. In particular, after beating Mamin Cal (NH Nonghyup Card) 4-1 in the semi-finals of the 3rd tour, Kudron beat Wimaz, who was defeated in the semi-finals of the 3rd tour last season, in the final.

In the final that day, Kudron won the first to third sets lightly and took the lead. Wimaz also resisted by winning the 4th set, but Kudron rallied with an exquisite pull-up forward and sideways in the 3rd inning of the 5th set. Even the opposing Wimaz nodded. Then, after scoring 9 points with a cross shot, a back turn, and a side turn, the championship was confirmed.

However, Kudron did not interview reporters after the awards ceremony. This is because the manager of the women’s event winner, Throng, broke into the press conference room right before Kudron’s interview. He claimed to reporters, “When we were taking a commemorative photo together, Throng tried to get closer, but Kudron refused.”

Kudron and Throng’s manager had an altercation outside the conference room prior to the interview. Amidst this happening, Kudron did not respond to the interview.

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