In a fierce battle that lasted until overtime, the main character of the Black Combat Flyweight Champion was split in two takedowns.

On the 15th, at 6:00 pm in Paradise City, Yeongjong Island, Incheon, Lee Jun-young won a split-decision win over Kim “Viper” Seong-woong in the 3rd flyweight title match at Black Combat 06 “THE FINAL CHECKMATE”. With this, Lee Jun-young became the first black combat flyweight champion.

It is a strange evil connected with ‘Asura’. Asura’s motivation for his professional audition was to exchange training at Sabi MMA for his first amateur tournament debut, but during sparring training, ‘Bad Guy’ hit a flying knee and fractured his nose.

Enraged by this, Viper went to Black Combat’s representative Black to take revenge on Bad Guy and asked if he wanted to face Bad Guy, and Viper’s earnestness, which burned to avenge his friend, made it the most noteworthy matchup by making it to the first flyweight title match. .

As a match for the champion, the two players played a cautious game. At the beginning of the first round, we kept our distance and analyzed each other’s strength. Occasionally, they exchanged kicks and gauged each other’s strength. In the middle of the 2nd round, Lee Jun-young narrowed the distance and looked for an opportunity, but Kim Seong-woong did not allow an effective hit, and with one minute left in the first round, Kim Seong-woong went aggressive. However, neither fighter had a fatal blow, and  the first round was over.

Having tasted each other’s strength in the first round, the two looked for opportunities to knock them down in the second round as well. Lee Joon-young leisurely provoked Kim Seong-woong, and Kim Seong-woong paid back with effective hits, and the two unfolded a fierce game. Even after that, the two fighters measured the distance and exchanged blows, and the tension continued until the second round bell rang.

In the third round, both fighters clashed fiercely. As if they had finished all the analysis, they exchanged blows with no tomorrow. Early in the third round, Seongwoong Kim successfully landed a takedown. Both fighters engaged in a bloody fierce battle, and the crowd went wild. 먹튀검증

At the beginning of the 3rd round, Lee Jun-young seemed to be pushed back, but in the middle of the match, he succeeded in one takedown and took the grappling fight, and began to gain an advantage over Kim Seong-woong. Until the second half of the 3rd round, Lee Jun-young had the upper hand in grappling, but Kim Sung-woong endured and the bell rang and the 3rd round ended like this.

Afterwards, the two judges ruled 29 to 29 and proceeded with an additional overtime of the first round, and the fateful overtime began. In overtime, the two players endured with mental strength. In the middle of overtime, Lee Joon-young took the grappling fight again and succeeded in taking out Kim Seong-woong’s stamina. Then, another takedown landed on Kim Seong-woong, and two takedowns in overtime decided the flyweight title fight.

Although he lost, Viper Kim Seong-woong also broke the predictions of experts that it would end in an overwhelming defeat and played a fierce match, receiving applause from many officials and fans, raising expectations for his future performance.

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