Hanwha Eagles coach Choi Won-ho expressed his regret for the heavy rain damage across the country, especially in the Chungcheong region. 

Hanwha, led by coach Choi Won-ho, will play the first series of the second half against NC Dinos at Daejeon Hanwha Life Insurance Eagles Park on the 21st. While heavy rain during the All-Star break caused nationwide damage, there is also a rain forecast for Daejeon this weekend, so it is expected that we will have to keep an eye on the weather.포커카지노

Heavy rains fell mainly in the central region, and the Chungcheong region, including Daejeon, which is related to Hanwha, was especially damaged. Various damages such as flooding and landslides occurred, and there was also a pitiful disaster in the underpass of Osong-eup, Cheongju-si, near Daejeon. The Ministry of Public Administration and Security first declared Sejong, North Chungcheong Province, and South Chungcheong Province as special disaster areas to avoid heavy rains.

Coach Won-ho Choi, whom we met before the game, said, “The water crisis is huge, especially in the Cheongju and Osong areas, and the damage is huge. I am cautious. I hope it will be clear for the time being.”

On this day, it rained briefly in the stadium, and a tarp was laid. When the NC team just started training, the raindrops suddenly fell and the tarp was hurriedly laid. NC players had no choice but to stop training, and luckily the rain stopped quickly and they resumed training.

On this day, the first game of the second half, while NC Eric Peddy and Hanwha Ricardo Sanchez face each other, there are rain forecasts on Saturday and Sunday, so the starting rotation for subsequent games will be adjusted depending on whether or not the game starts. If both games start normally, Hanwha will start in the order of Felix Pena and Jang Min-jae.

On the other hand, Hanwha, who met Peddy that day, formed the starting lineup in the order of Lee Jin-young (right fielder) – Kim In-hwan (designated hitter) – Roh Si-hwan (3rd baseman) – Chae Eun-seong (1st baseman) – Moon Hyun-bin (center fielder) – Choi Jae-hoon (catcher) – Williams (left fielder) – Jeong Eun-won (2nd baseman) – Lee Do-yoon (shortstop).

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