The women’s singles final of the longest-running tennis major tournament. Whoever wins will write a new history. The winning spirit of the first B-seeded player was stronger than that of the first Arab player.

Marketa Bondrousova (42nd, Czech Republic) became the Queen of Wimbledon. Ons Jaber (6th place, Tunisia) was the first Arab player to aim for the top spot in the women’s singles at a major tournament, but she had to be content with a third runner-up.먹튀검증

Bondrowshova defeated Javert in the women’s singles final at the Wimbledon tennis tournament (total prize money of 44.7 million pounds, about 74.3 billion won) held at the All England Club in London, England on the 15th (local time). With a set score of 2-0 (6-4 6-4), they celebrated the creation of a new history.

She is the first non-seed champion in women’s singles at Wimbledon. Bondlowshawba was not seeded, the bracket given to the top 32 players in the world rankings. It is to distribute the brackets so that the top rankers do not face each other in the early stages, but the probability of winning is also reduced because the lower rankers are more likely to meet the strong players in the early stages.

It is for this reason that the 2021 US Open women’s singles winner Radukanu (UK, ranked 150th at the time) drew attention. Radu Kanu rose to the top despite the adverse conditions in which she ran from the preliminaries, and she suddenly emerged as Cinderella.

It is also the first time that a player in the top 40 in the world has won the women’s singles at Wimbledon. Previously, the lowest ranked winner was Serena Williams (USA), who was ranked 31st in 2007.

Bondlow Shoba won 2.35 million pounds (approximately 3.91 billion won) and the first major title in his life. Bondrousova also reached the final at the 2019 French Open, but stayed in runner-up.

On the other hand, Javert failed to cross the threshold of the major finals this time as well. Jaber reached the finals of Wimbledon and US Open last year and Wimbledon this year, but she stayed in the runner-up in all of them, so she postponed the honor of winning the first major women’s singles title in an Arab country to the next opportunity.

Even at the beginning of the match, Javert, her top ranker, was expected to win. In the first set, Jaber broke Bondroushoba’s service game and led the game score 2:0 and 4:2. Her skill at making opponents jump with strokes that stab the left and right corners and exquisite drop shots shone.

But Bondroushoba was not discouraged. After breaking Javert’s service game in the first set, 2-4, inferior, he regained his knighthood and gained momentum and won 4 games. Javert collapsed 15-6 due to an error in the first set.

Javert’s counterattack was also formidable. The second set also broke the opponent’s service game and led the game score 3 to 1.

But it was the same as the 1st set. Von Drowshova made the break again and she went 4-on-4. As Javert self-destructed with four errors on her own serve game, Von Drowshova calmly defended her serve game, finishing her match with her volley.

The victory of Bond Low Shoba is more valuable because it is the result of overcoming an injury. After finishing runner-up at the 2019 French Open, he rarely competed in the tournament due to a left wrist injury, and after winning a silver medal in singles at the 2021 Tokyo Olympics, he was unable to compete at Wimbledon last year due to surgery on his left wrist.

In particular, Von Drow Shoba had a tattoo saying ‘No Rain, No Flowers’ on his right elbow. In an interview in 2021 after undergoing surgery, Bondrousova explained the meaning of the tattoo, saying, “I think it’s difficult to succeed without going through failure.” He continued, “Even if you go through difficult matches and defeats, if you have faith in yourself and work hard, you will be rewarded someday.”

That belief will work in the end. After quelling Elina Svitolina (76th, Ukraine)’s “mother storm” in the semifinals, Bondrowshova created a new history by suppressing Arab hopes in the final.

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