Boston, which is struggling in the fierce American League East Division, is in a great crisis of losing all of its keystone combinations this offseason. Shortstop Zander Bogarts, the starting free agent, left for San Diego, and starting second baseman Trevor Story was removed from the lineup due to elbow surgery. 스포츠토토

It was clear that Boston would not sit idly by in this void. The problem was how to fill it. Good center infielders had already found their way in the market. Then, the only thing left was to solve the problem by recruiting through trade or changing the positions of existing players. In the process, Kim Ha-seong (28, San Diego) was a player with the possibility of being traded to Boston for a while.

San Diego needed a starting pitcher, and with the recruitment of Bogarts, Ha-seong Kim’s utilization was likely to be somewhat reduced compared to last year. Rumors made sense. However, Boston turned around in a different way instead of running into Kim Ha-seong.

The first method was to turn multi-player Kike Hernandez to the infield while recruiting outfielder Adam Duvall. Kike Hernandez has experience playing both outfield and infield positions. Then, through a trade with Kansas City, they put out the urgent fire by recruiting Adalberto Mondesi (28), an infield resource.

Mondesi, also known as the son of major league superstar Raul Mondesi, is an infielder who made his major league debut in Kansas City in 2016 and played 358 games in seven seasons. He played second base and shortstop. However, he only appeared in 54 games last year, and started shortstop in only 14 games. Local media are also criticizing that Mondesi is not a fundamental solution for Boston, where grades are in a hurry.

Yonder Alonso, who has a major league all-star career, appeared on a program on the Major League Network on the 26th (Korean time), saying that the signing of Mondesi will be a bridge with Boston’s prospects, but he said that Mondesi’s recent performance and shortstop experience He pointed out that the risk was high.

“[Mondesi’s acquisition] might be a way to be a stopgap for Boston, but he’s a high-risk player. You have to understand that he’s only played 50 games in two years,” Alonso said. , and Boston is going to want him to be the man he was.”

He continued, “It will be a dimension that adds depth to the Boston player base,” he said, revealing a question mark on Kike Hernandez’s infield conversion. “It’s very difficult to go from center field to shortstop,” Alonso said.

There are also local media’s eyes that Boston’s recruitment does not seem to end here. It will endure by alternately using Mondesi, Hernandez, and soon-to-be rising prospects, but it is difficult to guarantee that it will last throughout the year. As for Boston, we went into the operation to ‘hold on’ while minimizing the outflow of money or prospects, but it is unknown whether the offseason will end as it is, as it is a team that is always under great pressure on performance. This is why the trade is still seen as a valid card in a situation where the free agent market is virtually closed.

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