There is no solo system.

With the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League nearing its end, the ‘solo system’ collapsed for both men and women. There is still a 6 round match between the 1st and 2nd place, so no one knows the direction of the championship.

First of all, Korean Air continued to lead the men’s division, and it is still in first place. Korean Air has a record of 20 wins and 9 losses (59 points) in 29 matches.메이저사이트 However, the recent airflow is not good. Korean Air is experiencing extreme sluggishness with 1 win and 5 losses in the last 6 games. It is all about winning 4 points during this period. He also knelt down against second-place Hyundai Capital.

While Korean Air stagnated, Hyundai Capital steadily accumulated victory points and pursued to the bottom of the chin. Hyundai Capital is in second place with 19 wins and 10 losses (58 points) in 29 games. Opposite of Korean Air. 5 wins and 1 loss in 6 matches in the last 3 consecutive wins. Since the victory was won without a full set, they all won 3 points. The two teams are facing their final match of the season in round 6 on the 5th of next month. It is expected to be an important battleground that can determine the championship.

The same goes for women. Hyundai E&C has already handed over to Heungkuk Life Insurance the player position it has always maintained. After losing 2 in a row, they fell into a 4-game losing streak again. It is fortunate that they secured 2 points as they had two full-set matches during the 4-game losing streak. Due to the injury of foreign player Yasmin, they brought in Montaño as a substitute, but they are not living up to expectations. Montaño scored 57 points in 3 games, but the attack success rate is 35.77% and the number of errors is 22. Hwang Min-kyung and Ko Ye-rim are also suffering from injuries, so director Kang Seong-hyung’s concerns are deepening.

On the contrary, Heungkuk Life Insurance is maintaining its performance without a major crisis centered on Kim Yeon-kyung. Abondanza, who has gone through prestigious European schools, was appointed as the new director. The two teams will meet in the final game of the season on the 19th of next month. If the gap between the two teams remains within 3 points, it means that there is a possibility that the winning team will be covered in the final match.

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