Li Xuan-Hao, who is so good at Go, was completely defeated in the first tournament after the ‘cheating controversy’.

Li Xuanhao (Chongqing T23) faced Pantingyu (Chengdu Regional Commercial Bank) in the 2022 Huawei Cup China Gabjo League captaincy match on the 5th, showing the worst game management in the second country and being completely defeated.

The key on this day was the 125th move. In the midst of a confrontation over the life and death of white in the midfield fight, Li Xuanhao, who caught black, threw a winning move to the right side of the cheonwon (center of the checkerboard). 스포츠토토

But is it because of the lack of ‘spirit’? AI foreshadowed the survival of Baek in life and death, and Pan Tingyu also landed on the 126th move without a big mistake. Li Xuanhao, who was in a hurry, continued to make strange moves between moves 127 and 131, and continued to make strange moves like ‘broken Lipago’. In particular, 143 numbers were the key to presenting a large force (house) of white to the midfield and upper right corner.

Fan Tingyu couldn’t miss this. Fan Tingyu continued to punish his opponent for his mistakes, and in the end, Li Xuanhao raised the white flag.

Yang Dingxin, who watched the match, said, “It’s a clean game without any problems,” and left his impression that “it’s a ruthless game.”

Li Xuan Hao took the 145th stone. With this defeat, Li Xuanhao recorded 11 wins and 2 losses in the Gabzo League.

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