At the World Championships, the first Korean men’s figure skater to win a silver medal and the first team trophy to win a silver medal. You brought the medal yourself, right? Show me some.

[Cha Jun-hwan / Figure skater: This is your silver medal (silver medal) at the World Championships. This is the silver medal I received for participating in the team trophy.]


Cha Jun-hwan, who received two silver medals, is not usually obsessed with grades or things like that, but I still think that he will be full after watching this. how is it?

[Cha Jun-hwan / Figure skater: Actually, I’m not the type to take out medals well (isn’t it?) Yes, but it seems to mean that I finished well this season again, and in the case of the world championship medal, I also worked hard at that time to play a somewhat satisfactory game. I remember that I played it, and in the case of the team trophy medal, I think I feel very proud because I played a good game with my teammates and got another good result.] [Anchor] I myself said that this season was the best스포츠토토


. I did. You said you set short-term goals at the beginning of each season, but this season must have been the perfect season.

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