Seoul Boin High School won the match against Gangwon Gangneung Jungang High School, the big match of the 56th Presidential Geumbae group stage.

Boin High School held on the 22nd at the Bongyang Health Soccer Camp in Jecheon, Chungcheongbuk-do, in the Group 8 group stage match against Gangwon Jungang High School. It was a big match in the group stage that drew attention as a face-to-face confrontation between the championship candidates.

Gangneung Joongang High School, which won the Geumgangdaegi last May, needed a victory that day as it drew 1-1 with Gyeonggi Guri High School in the first match of Group 8 with only three teams. I aimed for the opening goal, but one accurate pass in front of the goal was not enough. As the match was the first match of the tournament, Boingo threatened the opponent with rough forward pressure. He continued to shoot through quick offense and defense conversions.체스카지노

Gangneung Joongang High School player Kim Do-won competes against Seoul Boin High School in the 56th Presidential Geumbae National High School Soccer Tournament held at the Bongyang Health Soccer Campground in Chungbuk on the 22nd. Reporter Moon Jae-won

Eventually, at the end of the first half, Baek Ga-on calmly finished the ball from the left side in front of the penalty box and seized the victory. Gangneung Joongang High School tried to recover, but failed to create a decisive chance.

Boin High School, which consistently achieved good results in the Presidential Gold Cup, signaled a refreshing start to the tournament. Boingo won the Presidential Geumbae title by defeating Pohang Jecheol High School under the Pohang Steelers at the 2021 Changnyeong Championships, where many professional youth teams participated. Last year, it lost to the champion team, Pyeongtaek Jinwi, and stayed in the semifinals.

Head coach Shim Deok-bo of Boin High School, who aimed to win the tournament, said, “The first game of the tournament is always difficult, but it was not easy to meet a strong team. He overcame the hurdle well and I think his play will improve as he continues the game.”

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