The topic of conversation for players who have entered the 30s is definitely ‘body age’.메이저사이트

No one can stop the passing of time, but it can be slowed down with rigorous effort. Im Sang-hyeop (35), who announced a new challenge at FC Seoul, is also concerned about his body age. Confident that he opened his eyes to soccer, he wants to play the ground for one more day.

Clinical Hyeop met on the 16th in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, a training camp, and said, “People said ‘it’s over’ when they saw me two years ago, but I survived.” said.

■Body age is 30 years old… The secret is diet management

clinical consultation, gained confidence in his own body, which he honed throughout the winter at his training ground. When competing in stamina or speed with players in their twenties, he is rather ahead. In training to increase agility the previous day, after responding quickly to the sound of the whistle, he quickly arrived at the line first. Ki Sung-yueng even said, “I can’t believe that he is the same age as me when I see him running now.”

The clinical association finds the secret in diet management. In my 20s, I had no problem eating as much as I wanted, but in my 30s, I set up an appropriate menu according to my schedule. For example, two days before the game, eat meat such as duck to help replenish stamina, and the next day, fish and fresh vegetables that reduce inflammation are served on the table. On the day of the match, he eats fruit and pasta to recover.

The role model for the clinical consultation is Lebron James (38, LA Lakers), who broke the NBA scoring record for the first time in 34 years. Known for taking care of his body at the level of a monk, he invests 1.5 million dollars (approximately 1.7 billion won) every year to maintain his youthful body age. Clinical Hyeop said, “I can’t spend money like James, but I can follow the way he takes care of my body. My diet is like that these days. Thanks to that, when I measured my body age, it came out as 30 years old, 5 years younger. The 50m sprint, which is important in soccer, also reduced the load on the muscles,” he said with a broad smile.

The Clinical Association fills in the lack of knowledge in nutrition and physical training with the help of acquaintances. “Professor Kim Joo-young of Konkuk University, who is a PhD in exercise biochemistry and nutrition, gives advice on diet and supplements,” said the clinical association. “The 30s are the age to get help. So, why not play soccer for even a year longer?” he emphasized.

■ Lim Sang-hyeop, who loves the K-League, aims to become a Hall of Fame The reason why

Sang-hyeop wants to delay retirement as much as possible is because it has a clear goal. He made his professional debut at Jeonbuk Hyundai in 2009 and has always played in the K-League. There was only one game in which Taegeuk was worn. He couldn’t even achieve his dream of going abroad, but he wants to be recognized by fans for his performance in the K-League. Im Sang-hyeop said, “I want to remain as the player who scored the most goals in my position as a side striker.”

The goals of clinical consultation are quite realistic. According to the Professional Football Federation, he is 16th in all-time scoring with 82 goals until last year. If you limit him to a side striker, he is already number one. He was ahead of retired Eninho (81 goals) and Yeom Yeom-hun (Suwon, 77 goals), who is about to retire. However, the points scored by the Clinical Consultation include the records of Sangju Sangmu (12 goals) and Busan I-Park (7 goals) in the K League 2 (2nd division). becomes the second This is the background of the clinical cooperation, which delayed his retirement even a little while greedy for goal hunting. Im Sang-hyeop said, “If I exceed 100 goals by the time I retire, I can score ahead of Eninho in the first division,” and promised, “It won’t be easy, but I will try to score double digits this year.”

If the clinical association achieves its goal, it can also aim to enter the K-League Hall of Fame, which was newly established this year. It is difficult to be the first to be nominated by players who have left their names in the 40-year history, but he is also a strong candidate in that four players will be selected every two years from now on. Clinical Hyeop has been selected twice for the Season Best Eleven, one of the criteria for selection of candidates. The Clinical Association said, “To aim for the Hall of Fame, we need to manage more thoroughly in the future.” He promised to run, dreaming of the day he will enter the Hall of Fame.”

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