Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 19th. A distribution battle between the new rival SSG Landers and the Lotte Giants. In the top of the 8th inning, 2 out, 1st and 3rd base. Veteran Choo Shin-soo, who came as a pinch hitter, scored an RBI and a timely hit. Kim Sang-soo ran to the mound to beat SSG, who even sent out a tie runner and chased 4-2.

When the pitcher was changed to Kim Sang-soo, SSG pitched Kim Seong-hyun as a pinch hitter. Two balls became balls. Unfavorable ball count in a stressful situation with two runners. However, Kim Sang-soo confidently threw the ball towards himself on the third pitch and pulled out Kim Seong-hyun’s swing. The 4th pitch was also a changeup that pierced toward the body, and Kim Seong-hyun’s bat returned, but the ball that floated without power could not escape the first baseman.

After catching Kim Seong-hyun, who played in one team until last year, as a floating ball
Kim Sang-soo’s fist and bubblegum, which came in behind Kim Seong-hyun, who regretted it, are the prelude to Lotte’s victory this season. Kim Sang-soo, wearing a Lotte uniform, is recording an average ERA of 1.76 with 3 wins, 1 save and 6 holds in 21 games. He has become an indispensable key presence in the Lotte bullpen.

Kim Sang-soo suffered a major injury in 2021 when he was a member of SSG. He had an accident that severely damaged his teeth, which is not a common injury for pitchers. He crashed into exercise equipment while doing weight training drills and broke 12 of his teeth. Through surgery and treatment, Kim Sang-soo returned to the ground, but he could no longer show his former self. The handicap of not eating well accelerated the rate of decline in Kim Sang-soo’s skills.스포츠토토

Hold Wang, who played in 67 games in 2019 while belonging to Kiwoom and set the record for the most holds in a single season with an ERA of 3.02 and ’40 holds’, only played 8 games in 2022 and was notified of release from SSG near the end of the season.

Around the time he was seriously contemplating his retirement, many seniors gave Kim Sang-soo advice. When I regained my mind, saying, ‘Let’s do it for just one more year,’ Lotte reached out his hand. This decision became the best choice for both Kim Sang-soo and the Lotte front desk. After finishing his mission at the match, Sang-soo Kim comes down the mound while blowing bubble gum at his leisure. It symbolizes the rejuvenation of a 35-year-old veteran.

Distribution competition of new rivals. Lotte won the first round.

Sutton was moved by the enthusiastic support of the fans
On the 19th, when 19,000 Lotte fans gathered, Lotte won 7-5 in the new rivalry match at Sajak Stadium in Busan and regained first place. On the 20th, 22,990 seats in Gyeonggi Province were sold out early. Kim Sang-soo has now become an indispensable presence for Lotte fans who yearn for a ‘top day’ beyond spring. The performance of veterans always impresses.

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