“The football I pursue is not a football that loses 3-4, but a football that wins 1-0.”

This is how Daegu FC coach Choi Won-kwon expressed his feelings after losing 3-4 to Gwangju FC in the 7th round of the K-League 1 ‘Moonlight Derby’ held at DGB Daegu Bank Park on the 16th.

On this day, Dalgubeol Daegu and Bitgoeul Gwangju’s first moonlight derby in two years was the best ever. Gwangju scored two goals in the first half and even scored a key goal in the second half to solidify their victory, but Daegu, which mobilized Sejingya and Edgar, showed a hot fighting spirit chasing 3-3 with Ko Jae-hyun’s multi-goal and Keita’s equalizing goal. Gwangju coach Lee Jung-hyo replaced Ha Seung-woon, who scored the winning goal, ending in a 4-3 victory for Gwangju, but it was an exciting spring night match that gave fans goosebumps.

However, coach Choi hardened his expression, saying, “I feel bad because I couldn’t win.” He said with strength, “The fact that there are many goals is of course a factor that will bring joy to the fans. But my goal is to finish with a lot of goals without conceding at home.” “The soccer I pursue is not soccer that loses 3-4, but soccer that wins 1-0. Gwangju is a team that wins when they score the first goal,” he said. “Still, wouldn’t it be comforting for our fans to see our players not giving up until the end and scoring three goals? I am responsible for the result. I will return home with a smile at the Daejeon home game,” he said with a promise. Below is the full text of Daegu coach Choi Won-kwon’s Q&A.

-Game impressions

▶I feel bad because I can’t win. I feel bad about the loss. I prepared to not concede in the first half, but as I conceded, I thought I had to change my plan a bit. Goalkeeper (Oh) Seung-hoon was injured and was substituted. In the second half, we played the game we wanted, and the players showed their fighting spirit until the last minute, and it felt bad to lose the game, but I think it was positive enough in the second half.

-It’s a result, but I think the result would have been different if I had scored a comeback goal without conceding two goals in the first half today.

▶ One of the weakest points in the first half. If you are a pro in the defensive build-up, you need to make a good pass, but even if it is not a good quality pass, the basic build-up needs to be further developed. Keun-ho, Jae-hyun, and Baselos all played well in the first half, but I didn’t think they would score easily because their opponent Gwangju also had good defensive organization. The problem is a mistake.

-What you said in the locker room after the first half.

▶ Emphasis was placed on the psychological aspect. It is possible to concede, but the aggressive side was emphasized. He emphasized his aggressive side in front of fans. Gwangju has 11 people dribbling, but we talked about it because there was a part where we lowered our heads and ran away without receiving the ball, and we did it with confidence. Changed from three-back to four-back. As the number of attacks increased, Gwangju could not prepare.

– Although we lost, it was a match that fans couldn’t curse at. I saw the box office potential of ‘Moonlight Derby’.

▶ The fact that there are a lot of goals is, of course, a factor that will bring joy to the fans. My goal is not to concede at home and to score a lot of goals and finish. The football I pursue is not a football that loses 3-4, but a football that wins 1-0. Gwangju is a team that wins if they score the first goal. Football is something I can’t stop knowing. Still, wouldn’t it be comforting to our fans to see our players not giving up until the end and scoring three goals? As for the result, I curse and take responsibility. I will go back with a smile on my home game in Daejeon.

– Sejingya came back after 3 games and contributed in all the process of chasing.메이저사이트

▶Sejingya is 50% of our power. He is an indispensable player not only in terms of skills, but also in terms of fighting spirit, leadership, and leading other players. With the arrival of Sejingya, players such as (Go) Jae-hyeon, Edgar, and (Lee) Keun-ho are less checked. Thanks to that, (the late) Jaehyun had a chance today. I think Cezinya will be able to return to his original form from the next match.

-Evaluation of Ko Jae-hyun, who scored multiple goals.

▶He is a player you want to hug and kiss. Even in the FA Cup, when we are losing, we make PKs, and the players show their performance on the field. Of course, I conceded, but I also appreciate the goalkeeper and defender who did their best. Jaehyun is a player who came up from the 2nd team and became the main pillar of our team. I am proud that he has become one of the essential players for the team. I want to help more. a grateful player

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