Oh Hyun-gyu definitely took a picture of his eyes.

Celtic will play the 26th round of the Scottish Premiership in the 2022-23 season with Aberdeen at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland at 0:00 am (hereinafter referred to as Korean time) on the 19th. Celtic is 1st with 23 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss (70 points), 바카라사이트 while Aberdeen is 7th with 10 wins, 2 draws and 13 losses (32 points).

A pre-press conference was held, and Celtic coach Angie Postecoglu appeared. And a question related to Oh Hyun-gyu came up. In the Scottish Cup round of 16 match against St Mirren on the 12th, Oh Hyun-gyu was put in as a substitute in the second half and scored in the 35th minute of the second half. It was a goal that came out after 4 official games since joining.

Director Postecoglu said of Oh Hyun-gyu, “He does everything we ask for. He is getting stronger every week. Everything will be different for Oh Hyun-gyu, including the training method, as he comes to a new environment. We still need time to learn. We has been trying to think about how to use him and when to use him. I think Oh Hyun-kyu has had an impact in one way or another in every game he has played in.”

As coach Postecoglu said, Oh Hyun-gyu created impressive scenes in every game. In his debut match against Dundee United, he almost scored an assist with a sharp cross just before the end. In the match against Livingston that followed, he added strength to the attack with brisk movements. Also, against St. Johnston, he induced the opponent to leave with a fantastic turning action. He finally showed a high degree of involvement by scoring his debut goal in the previous game.

“It was definitely positive to score. If I had Oh Hyun-kyu as a starter, it would be a challenge for him from a physical point of view. Oh Hyun-kyu hasn’t started for quite some time. I’ll put him in when I feel he’s ready. I’m sure Oh Hyeon-gyu himself is accepting it well.”

In other words, coach Postecoglu was raising Oh Hyun-kyu’s senses through substitutions until he found the best condition to start.

He just needs to wait calmly. Oh Hyeon-gyu is melting well at Celtic, and it is believed that he will get a chance to start soon. Until then, as now, he just needs to perform within the given time frame.

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