“It used to be good and bad, but
the pitchers who were worried about the opposite find
a sense of stability and prepare well, such as steady shadow pitching. The team is getting better, so they are
united as one.” He is actively meeting baseball fans as the director of . For coach Kim, baseball is still his daily life. He plays as the ‘strongest baseball’ coach, and also coaches the players by maximizing their practice time. When professional baseball is open, he watches many games. Coach Kim’s way of watching baseball is a little different. In addition to the basics of throwing and hitting the ball, he pays attention to the players’ gestures, expressions, and movements in the dugout. Through each of these scenes, we look into the ‘hidden strength of the team’.

Coach Kim recently diagnosed and regretted that the league’s leading batters, such as Lee Jeong-hoo (Kiwoom) and Park Byung-ho (KT), have not yet performed at their best due to problems with batting form and injuries, but among the team, he is watching Lotte’s progress with interest.

During a phone call on the 14th, manager Kim said of Lotte, “I saw a lot of bad things in March and April, but they are getting better and better.” “Looking at the game, the team is united. As the team is improving, it seems that the children (players) are uniting.”

Coach Kim recalled the teams he coached in the past and said, “There were teams whose atmosphere improved as they played throughout the season. Lotte used to be good and bad, but now it’s the opposite. I think I prepared well,” he said.

For coach Kim, the image of Lotte baseball in the past may be a little different from now. Lotte was an opponent that manager Kim easily accumulated multipliers when he was an active professional baseball command tower. For example, from 2007 to July 2011, when he was the SK command tower, he recorded a win rate of 0.623 (59 wins and 27 losses) against Lotte. It was the era of Royster and manager Yang Seung-ho, and considering that Lotte’s performance at that time was quite good, it was a match-up in which the relativity was evident.

As much as coach Kim is curious, Lotte actually had changes in the process of preparing for the season and games. The training that had been largely left to the realm of autonomy was brought into the team’s system. One of them was that pitching coach Bae Young-soo had intensive training in the final training session last fall. After the start of the season, training coach Kim Hyun-wook creates a detailed program for players to digest before the game, paying attention to the players’ physical strength and performance.

For example, coaches in the team, including coaches Bae Young-soo and Kim Hyun-wook, who had a lot of training in the past, are moving with confidence by combining their own experiences and the latest training methods rather than following the current league trend. In the meantime, it is interpreted as the background of the change in the flow of Lotte, which was usually good in April and bad from May.스포츠토토

The change in pitching power, which is the driving force of the entire season, is also something that catches the eye of coach Kim. Manager Kim said, “There were pitchers who thought ‘What should I do’ while watching the pitching in the spring, but I can see that the pitchers are also stabilizing. I heard that other teams do shadow pitching, which is not common these days. I don’t think I’m doing well,” he said.

Last year, Lotte finished April well with an odds ratio of 0.609 (14 wins, 1 draw, 9 losses), and collapsed in May with an odds ratio of 0.346 (9 wins, 17 losses). This year, Lotte has a win rate of 0.633 (19 wins and 11 losses), and even in May, it is maintaining a steady pace with 5 wins and 3 losses.

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