The top 5 players in the Premier League have been revealed.

On the 30th (Korean time), the British media ‘Daily Mail’ cited the French media ‘Leckiff’ and released the top 5 players in the English Premier League.

The Premier League is considered to be the highest level and most popular league among the top five leagues in Europe. It is truly the best league in the world. Who is the player making the most money here?

1 is Manchester City’s Kane the Bruiner. The Bruiner is earning £425,000 a week (about 682 million won). He is considered one of the best midfielders in the world beyond the Premier League.

The second is Man City’s Erling Haalan. Haalan, who moved to Man City this season, is showing off his tremendous scoring ability. His weekly wage is £402,250 (approximately 645 million won), the second highest in the Premier League. When you add the bonus, it is expected to be the de facto number one. 온라인바카라

Third is Manchester United’s David de Gea. De Gea also earns a good weekly wage of £402,250 (about 645 million won). Recently, various stories are coming out about renewing the contract with Manchester United. A cut in weekly wages is likely.

Number 4 is Liverpool’s Mohamed Salah. Sala’s weekly wage is £373,750 (about 600 million won). Premier League top scorer and Liverpool’s key player, Salah is still a threat after recently signing a new contract with Liverpool.

In fifth place is Manchester United’s Jadon Sancho. Sancho’s weekly wage is £373,750 (about 600 million won). Unlike the four players above, Sancho is having trouble adapting to the Premier League. Many fans are surprised by the news of entering the top 5 of the week because he is showing a disappointing performance compared to fans’ expectations.

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