All variations of Baccarat are simply a game of luck with little or no skill involved like in some casino games. There are very few decisions that a player can make in Baccarat to give you an advantage so therefore it is very hard to put together a winning strategy.

The casino has the edge in all casino games which is how they make their money, in European Baccarat this is on the tie bet as the chance of it coming in is less than 10 to 1 whilst it pays out only 8 to 1. Therefore, we recommend you avoid this at all costs.

Bankroll is important in any casino game too, so make sure you manage yours and don’t bet a large proportion in one bet. Although it is nice if it comes in, if it doesn’t it will mean you get to play a lot fewer hands and therefore your enjoyment will be reduced significantly.

Finally, bad runs happen to all of us, if you can’t seem to win a hand, consider walking away and trying again another time when your luck may be running better.

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What is European Baccarat?
European Baccarat is a variation of the popular casino game, Baccarat. The game is played throughout the online casinos and in many land-based casinos in Europe (and even in the USA).

What is the goal of European Baccarat?
The goal of European Baccarat is the same as the goal in any Baccarat game. The point is to place a bet on who will have a winning hand. It can be either Banker, Player or Tie. The goal is to reach a score of 8 or 9 first.

Is there skill involved in European Baccarat?
No. Like every variant of Baccarat, European Baccarat is a game purely centered on luck. There is no skill involved whatsoever, which makes the game very popular among gamblers.

What is the best bet in European Baccarat? 메이저놀이터
No matter the differences that the variations of Baccarat might have, there are a few rules that are universal for any version of Baccarat. Among them is the rule that you should always follow the Banker. Betting on the banker is the best possible option, as it is the bet on which the house advantage is the lowest.

What is the worst bet in European Baccarat?
Another universal rule is the rule for Ties. Namely, that you should avoid betting on a Tie whenever you can. The reason for this rule is simple. The tie is a less-than-likely bet. First of all, it is the bet that has the highest house advantage. And 2nd, it is the bet that comes up least likely. The reason one might want to place a bet on the Tie, is because it is the bet that gives out the highest pay out.

Does the house have an advantage in European Baccarat?
Yes. As with any casino game, the house holds an advantage over the player. In European Baccarat, the house edge is not as high as it might be in different games, such as American Roulette. So, this makes it quite a popular game to play.

Is European Baccarat better than the classic game?
There is no objective way to assess whether one game is better than the other. If you prefer European over the classic, you should definitely play that rather than the typical game. Feel free to do whatever makes you happy.

Can I play European Baccarat for real money?
Yes, many online casinos and land-based establishments allow you to place money bets on European Baccarat.

Can I play European Baccarat for fun?
Yes. Just like many online casinos allow money-based bets, they also have an option to play the game without placing any bets whatsoever. In fact, it is highly recommended that you should first try a few hands without risking your cash, before you play the game for money.

What do I do if I have a bad run in Baccarat?
We all have bad hands now and again. There is no shame in it and it certainly should not discourage you from the game. However, when you notice that you are having a bad run, you might want to pull out of the game and take a bit of time to recalibrate.

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