I thought something was wrong, but the driver was broken. Even in this state, Noh Seung-yeol saved 11 strokes, made the best score in his life, and rose to the lead.

This is reporter Choi Jong-hyeok.


Noh Seung-yeol cut 7 strokes to the 11th hole.

However, the tee shot on the next hole was pushed and went under the tree.

[Noh Seung-yeol/US Pro Golf Tour: I didn’t miss the fairway until the 12th hole. I hit a draw (a ball that curves to the left) in the 12th hole, and the ball flew 70 yards (about 65m) to the right.] The

cause was a crack in the driver.

However, the race commissioner said that there was no problem and proceeded, but the same was true for the next hole, and the driver eventually caved and took action.

[Competitor: The replaced head must not be kept in the bag. Locker room or… ]

It was impossible to change the club during the game, but starting this year, the rules have changed so that if there is a problem with the club, it can be replaced.

Of course, we do not allow it when you can’t hold back your anger and intentionally break it or intentionally hit it and bend it.토토사이트

Noh Seung-yeol, who changed his head by taking the bowl his wife had brought him, saved another stroke with an exciting driver shot on the last hole.

On the first day of the tournament, Noh Seung-yeol was a broken driver and was named the highest with an 11-under, one stroke short of the ‘Dream 59’.

[Noh Seung-yeol/US Professional Golf Tour: Today is an amazing day for me. I am very satisfied and everything from tee shot to putt was perfect.]

Noh Seung-yeol is challenging his second win in 9 years since his first win in the 2014 PGA Tour.

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