FC Seoul, a professional football club, is promoting the recruitment of national striker Hwang Eui-jo (31). As Hwang Eui-jo cannot appear on the European stage at least until this summer according to FIFA (International Football Federation) regulations, it is predicted that he will go to 스포츠토토 Korea, the United States, or Japan, but Seoul is actively wanting to recruit him.

A Seoul official said in a phone call with Star News on the 2nd, “It is true that we are promoting the recruitment of Hwang Ui-jo on loan.” Although the recruitment is not yet in a final stage, it means that we are actively moving to embrace Hwang Ui-jo as much as possible.

Hwang Eui-jo moved to Nottingham Forest, an English Premier League (EPL) club, from Girondins Bordeaux last summer. However, it was not possible to go straight to the EPL stage, and a one-season loan condition was attached to Olympiacos (Greece), which has the same owner as Nottingham.

Accepting the Olympiacos loan terms turned out to be the worst choice in the end. Hwang Eui-jo lost his opportunity to participate naturally as his performance declined. In the official game this season, 12 games and 1 help. As the sluggishness continued for a long time, he was eventually excluded even from the participation entry and was judged to be ‘out of power’. There was even local news that the Olympiacos club wanted to terminate the rental contract during the season. In the end, Hwang Eui-jo has disappeared from the current squad on the Olympiacos club website.

The problem is that even if he leaves Olympiacos, he will not be able to play in Europe for the rest of the season. This is because of the FIFA rule that you can register for up to three teams during a season, and only two teams can play in official matches during this period. Hwang Ui-jo played for Bordeaux and Olympiacos this season.

However, unlike Europe, which is the so-called ‘Chunchu Festival’, which starts in the fall and ends in the spring, it is possible to transfer leagues that proceed with the ‘Chunchu Festival’. This is the background of interest in Korea and the United States. Although his performance has declined recently, it can still be an attractive offensive card as he scored double-digit points in the French Ligue 1 for two consecutive seasons.

In the midst of this, Seoul, which needs to recruit a forward striker, is doing its best to recruit Hwang Eui-jo. However, as Hwang Eui-jo wants to continue playing on the European stage, it is said that a short-term lease for six months is more likely than full recruitment. It is his will to return to Nottingham after improving his performance in Seoul and continue competing on the European stage. Of course, from Seoul’s point of view, if Hwang Eui-jo can be in the forefront even in the first half, it can be a great strength ‘in many ways’.

When Hwang Ui-jo returns to the K-League, it will be the first time in six years since 2017 when he was with Seongnam FC. If the transfer to Seoul is completed, you can join the team from the winter field training in Kagoshima, Japan from the 6th at the earliest. However, an official explained that if the negotiations are prolonged, he may join right before the start of the season.

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