Joao Cancelo

moves to Barcelona.

European football transfer market expert Fabricio Romano said on his social media on the 29th (Korean time), “Cancelu is heading to Barcelona. Manchester City and Barcelona have finally exchanged documents and will be signing today. Cancelo will head to Barcelona and It is a rental form with a complete transfer option. Officials are only a matter of time.” I didn’t forget ‘Here We Go’, which is used when a transfer is confirmed.

Cancelo was once a key defender for Manchester City. In the first year of the 2019-20 season transfer, he was pushed back by Kyle Walker and stopped as a rotation resource, but after changing his position by manager Pep Guardiola, he reached his second heyday. Cancelo played the role of a playmaker in the rear with his excellent tactical understanding, movement, passing ability and under-lapping.

But last season,토토사이트 relations with Man City deteriorated rapidly. Starting with the World Cup in Qatar, the performance seemed to be somewhat declining, and Coach Guardiola substituted Nathan Akhena and Rico Luiz as starters instead of Cancelo. In fact, Cancelo recorded only one start in the six league matches he played after the World Cup.

Cancelo was dissatisfied with this. Unable to accept his radically changed position, Cancelo complained directly to Guardiola. He is said to have asked to allow his transfer if he would not be used as a starter. Guardiola granted his request and left on loan to Bayern Munich last winter. His life in Munich was fine. He was somewhat uneasy under manager Julian Nagelsmann, but manager Thomas Tuchel moderated him.

He has since returned to Manchester City. Cancelo spent the pre-season schedule with ‘Man City’. In July, he visited Japan and Korea as part of his Asian tour, and also played against Atlético Madrid.

However, this did not guarantee his standing. Cancelo continued to search for a route to escape Man City, and Man City also had no intention of stopping his departure. Negotiations with Barcelona were not smooth either. It was because he felt burdened by Cancelo’s weekly wage. Nevertheless, Barcelona continued to push for Cancelo. This is because he was the number one target for coach Xavi Hernandez.

That’s how Barcelona did their best to recruit Cancelo and finally achieved an ‘agreement’. According to ‘Barça Universal’, which reports Barcelona news, Cancelo is expected to make his debut in the next league match against Osasuna.

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