National striker Hwang Ui-jo, who joined FC Seoul this winter, is preparing for the season. 토토사이트 I met him in Kagoshima, where the field training is in full swing for the 2023 season, which is about a week away.

Hwang Eui-jo wore the Seoul uniform through a short-term lease contract for six months earlier this month. After three seasons in 2019 at Girondins Bordeaux in French Ligue 1, he moved to Nottingham Forest in the Premier League last summer and was loaned to Olympiacos in Greece. His teammate Hwang In-bum and Hwang In-bum were expected to perform well, but the results were not very good. The beastly goal was not scored, and he showed a sluggish appearance in the World Cup. Olympiacos terminated his contract.

When transfers within Europe became impossible due to FIFA regulations, the K-League and MLS clubs started courting. After thinking about it, the choice I made was FC Seoul. It was a six-month short-term lease, so it was a condition to go back to Europe this summer and challenge. It was a good option for Hwang Eui-jo, whose goal was to continue his European career as a soccer player.

His face brightened when he met him at the battery training ground. It must have been difficult to digest the intense training, but he was preparing for the season by adapting to the team in a bright atmosphere. Even in the practice game, he cheered his teammates with a loud voice and ran. He continued to improve his sense of the game by playing full-time in two out of three practice games.

This season, Hwang Eui-jo must coexist with Ilyuchenko as Seoul’s frontline striker. Coach Ahn Ik-soo is highly likely to use the two players as a two-top team. He plans to improve his scoring ability, which was a problem last season, by using two players who have good build-up ability as well as goal-making ability.

Regarding the partnership with Ilyuchenko, Hwang Eui-jo said, “We are trying to fit in well with each other. There are things we learn from seeing Ilyuchenko’s strengths, and it is important for us to create synergy as much as possible.” He said, “Then Sang-ho or Sang-hyeop hyung, Willian, and Palosevich can score enough points. I think this part with Ilyuchenko We talk a lot,” he said, expecting synergy.

He also talked about other foreign players. Hwang Eui-jo said, “Osmar is almost like a Korean. Palosevic and Ilyuchenko are also like that. He speaks in a calm manner.” 

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