Former UFC middleweight champion Michael Bisping, 44, is re-evaluating after retiring. As a player, he was famous for his trash talk and said that his matches were boring, and it is true that he was criticized for picking opponents after becoming a champion.

Lately, however, Bisping has enjoyed more popularity than he did in his playing days. His stock price rose as his manly appearance, handsome speech, cool personality, and even his beautiful daughter became an issue. Inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2019, Bisping is a UFC commentator and 헤라카지노.

Bisping, who recently had an interview with Segye Ilbo, literally boasted a big-hearted personality. Bisping said, “I always miss the fights because I watch the fighters right next to the octagon while commentating, but honestly, I’m happy right now.” said.

Bisping had a middleweight title fight against Luke Rockhold (39) in June 2016. Initially, when Chris Weidman left due to injury two weeks before the match, the match was concluded by saying, “I will fight Rockhold.” Everyone expected a landslide victory for Rockhold. This is because Bisping showed helplessness in November 2014 when he tapped Rockhold in 57 seconds of the second round. However, in the match for the championship belt, Bisping defeated Rockhold in the first round and eventually became the champion.

Looking back at that time, Bisping introduced, “I said, ‘I will become a champion,’ but everyone responded that I was crazy. But that was a great motivation.” “I knew how hard I trained, and I always believed that I could become a champion,” he said.

However, Bisping is later criticized for choosing his opponent. He chose Dan Henderson for his first defense and made his first defense in October 2016. In the second match held on November 5, 2017, he met with Georges Saint-Pierre, who raised his weight class, and eventually gave up the belt. Bisping, who came down from his seat, tried to make a comeback against Kelvin Gastelum on November 26, 2017, after three weeks, but could not survive the first round and was KO’d. Eventually, Bisping left the fighting world after this match. Bisping has a record of 30 wins and 9 losses in martial arts. In the UFC, he went 20-9, beating the likes of Anderson Silva, Brian Stan and Chris Lieven.

After Rock Hold became the champion, he blamed Bisping for not fighting him again, and the two appeared to be at odds. “Rockhold is my biggest rival,” said Bisping. “Luke is a great fighter and a good guy.” He continued, “I like that guy,” and introduced, “Rock Hold trains with my former coach, Jason Parrillo.”

Regarding the trash talk he has been doing throughout his career, he introduced, “It was a device to help promote the tournament,” and “there was also a purpose to make the opponent doubt himself with trash talk.” In particular, Bisping explained, “The most important thing for a fighter is confidence, and when confidence disappears, the fighter cannot believe in himself.” .

Bisping also fought Korean fighters Dennis Kang and Yoshihiro Akiyama (Chu Seong-hoon). Bisping looked back, saying, “The punch I received in the first round against Akiyama was really painful.”

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