On the 24th, the KT club said, “We have completed the composition of the first team coaching staff to lead the team with coach Lee Kang-cheol for the 2023 season.” 스포츠토토

With head coach Lee Kang-cheol at the head, head coach Kim Tae-gyun, pitching coach Kim Tae-han, battery coach Jang Jae-joong, bullpen coach Je Chun-mo, hitting coach Kim Kang, base running and operations coach Choi Man-ho, defense coach Park Ki-hyeok, and assistant batting coach Cho Joong-geun were retained.

Park Jung-hwan, futures tactical coach, has moved to the first team outfield and running coach.

Futures head coach Seo Yong-bin changed his position to head coach of the Futures. Accordingly, Futures head coach Suh Yong-bin plans to help foster new Futures coach Kim Ki-tae, who was appointed last October.

In addition, after leading the first integrated championship in the 2021 season, Yuhan-Jun Yu, who finished his career as a player, will join as Futures hitting coach, and Jeon Byeong-doo, former SSG away power analyst, will join as Futures pitching coach.

Outfield/running coach Kim Yeon-hoon will serve as the Futures defensive coach, Han Yoon-seop, the futures defensive coach, will serve as the 2nd team strategy/running coach, and Bao Sang-yeol, the 1st team power analyst, will move to the Futures bullpen coach to support player development.

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