Kiwoom’s big innings and Jang Jae-young’s first victory were blown away by the monsoon rain.카지노사이트

A no game was declared due to heavy rain during the match between Kiwoom Heroes and KIA Tigers held at Gwangju-Kia Champions Field on the 29th. Kiwoom launched a strong offensive in the first inning and scored 4 points. It was expected to be swept by winning two days in a row until the previous day, but the victory was not achieved due to the envy of the sky.

Kiwoom poured hot firepower in the first episode. Kim Jun-wan lit a fire with a right-handed hit. Kim Hye-seong also lightly pulled Anderson’s fastball and followed with a right-handed hit that went to the side of the second baseman. Lee Jung-hoo scored the first point with a timely hit that fell in front of the center fielder. Lee Won-seok chose a walk and set a table full of warriors.

Immediately after Lim Ji-yeol gave a heavy hit, two people were called in. Song Seong-Moon and Lee Ji-Young withdrew due to an outfield ball, but Lim Byeong-Wook made a left-handed hit that fell to the side of third base. In an instant, the score widened to 4-0. Anderson led Kim Joo-hyung to a grounder on first base and finished the inning with difficulty.

Kiwoom starter Jang Jae-young induced the three batters to hit lightly at the end of the first inning and got off to a good start. However, it started to rain, and as soon as the Kiwoom attack started in the second inning, it turned into heavy rain, and the referee declared a rain stop at 6:53. Soon the water began to fill the ground. Even the tarpaulin was soaked in water, making it impossible to move.

The ground became a sea of ​​water due to the heavy rain. When the rain stopped, the management staff started repair work. I started to remove the standing water with dozens of sponges. It was a time-consuming manual process. In addition, dark clouds began to cover the sky again, and it was poised to rain again.

Eventually, heavy rain began to fall again during the repair and the staff withdrew. It was already 30 minutes past the break. In the end, the referees decided that it was difficult to continue the game and declared a no game at 7:27. From 8:00 PM, much more rain was predicted, so the game was impossible. The faces of the KIA players brightened up. The same was true of Anderson, who gave up 5 hits and 1 walk and allowed 4 runs.

Jang Jae-young’s chance for his first professional win was also wasted. It was regrettable that he couldn’t sweep Kiwoom, but he still went to Seoul with two consecutive victories. Kiwoom will play three consecutive matches against SSG Landers at the Gocheok Dome on the weekend. KIA moves to Jamsil and engages in a three-game series against leading LG. Since he received help from the sky in the crisis of 3 consecutive losses, attention is focusing on whether he will find a clue to the reversal in the 3 consecutive matches on the weekend.

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