half of them are failures The lineup of 11 players who moved the team at the most expensive price this season has been revealed.

On the 10th (Korean time), the football statistics media ‘Transfer Markt’ released the best 11 players who recorded the most expensive transfer fee this season. The combined cost of all these players amounts to a whopping 805 million euros (approximately 1,158.3 billion won), but half of them are closer to failures.

In the 3-2-3-2 formation, Darwin Núñez and Alexander Isak were the two tops. Núñez moved to Liverpool for 80 million euros (approximately 114.9 billion won), and Isaac moved to Newcastle for 70 million euros (approximately 100.5 billion won). Nunez is showing disappointing goal-making ability compared to the transfer fee, and Isak has been in excellent form recently, but virtually missed the first half due to an injury.

The second line was occupied by Mihailo Mudrik, Enzo Fernandez and Anthony. Among them, Enzo recorded 121 million euros (approximately 173.8 billion won), the most expensive this season.

Nevertheless, Enzo is also the player who pays the most for the meal here. Mudriq possessed high speed, but was now pushed to the bench, revealing problems such as lack of decision-making and unsophisticated kicks. Anthony is embodying Eric ten Hag’s soccer relatively well, but it is generally agreed that he does not match the ransom of 95 million euros (approximately 136.4 billion won). 온라인바카라

The midfield was Aurelien Chuameni and Casemiro. Coincidentally, with Chuameni joining Real Madrid, Casemiro was given the opportunity to leave for Manchester United. Chua Meni became a starter right away at the beginning of the season, but now his position is faltering. On the other hand, Casemiro showed his true ability at Manchester United and became the core of the team.

The defense consisted of Mark Cucurella, Wesley Popana and Matais de Ligt. De Ligt has been reborn as an important centre-back at Bayern Munich after a period of adaptation, but the other two players at Chelsea still have a lot to show. Cucurella is still a question mark despite a lot of playing time, and Popana only returned to the team in February after a long-term injury.

Meanwhile, the goalkeeper was Gavin Bajunu, who moved to Southampton. Due to the nature of the goalkeeper position, a rather cheap transfer fee of 14 million euros (approximately 20.1 billion won) was heard, and although reflexes are excellent, it is still a situation that does not help Southampton escape the relegation zone with a lack of experience and judgment.

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