Veteran Ham Seo-hee (36, Busan Team Mad) took a step closer to becoming the ‘Asia’s Top 3 Group Champion’ by defeating a rising rookie.

Ham Seo-hee won the 3-0 decision victory over Itsuki Hirata (23, Japan) at the end of the 3rd round at the One Championship ‘ONE FIGHT NIGHT 8’ atomweight match held at Singapore Indoor Stadium on the 25th and qualified as a title challenger.

Ham Seo-hee, who made her professional debut in 2007, is a Korean representative female fighter who entered the UFC in 2014.

She said that the UFC did not have her own weight class, Atom, so she had to fight at strawweight, but she flew back after returning from Atom in 2017. She topped her weight class in 2017 when she was crowned the Korea Road FC Champion, and in 2019 she even claimed the Japan Raijin Championship Belt.

Now, the only organization left is the One Championship.

Ham Seo-hee, who moved to the One Championship in 2021, became a potential next challenger with this victory. If she beats even champion Angela Lee, she will build a golden pagoda to reach the top of the top three Asian groups.

Ham Seo-hee saw through Hirata, who was unable to compete head-to-head in her blows. For 15 minutes she calmly defended against Hirata’s tackles and she cornered Hirata with punches and kicks in a slugfest.

Ham Seo-hee, who has won 10 consecutive wins since 2017 (26 wins, 8 losses in total 34 matches), said, “I was calm on the outside, but I was burdened and worried on the inside. It was hard on the inside, but I’m glad I was able to finish the game safely.”

She continued, “She wanted to play a hotter game. But I don’t think the fun game came out because I was doing a takedown defense. The takedown defense I practiced in 17-18 came out naturally,” she revealed.

Ham Seo-hee and Hirata had a tense war of nerves. In November of last year, when Hirata failed to pass the weigh-in and showed no sign of reflection, Ham Seo-hee refused to compete at the contract weight, and ill feelings accumulated between the two. 온라인바카라

At that time, Hirata infuriated Korean fans with her gaze, as if blaming Ham Seo-hee for her own fault. It was no different than letting her fart and making her angry.

Ham Seo-hee can now laugh after her emotional battle with Hirata, her junior. “I got to play against Hirata, who is popular, so I could get a lot of people’s attention. It was so much fun,” she said.

Hirata was an emerging rookie with a record of 6 wins and 1 loss, but it was still not enough for Ham Seo-hee. She couldn’t attack with blows, so she had to fight with all her hands laid out without hidden cards.

Hirata, who has tasted her second professional defeat, seems desperately in need of reinforcements in her striking abilities.

Meanwhile, in the featherweight match held earlier, ‘Spider’ Ho-taek Oh was beaten by Akbar Abdulaev with an uppercut followed by a series of pounding hits, and was defeated by TKO in the first round.

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