Another injury nightmare struck the KT Wiz.

KT’s 4th starting pitcher Eom Sang-baek was out due to a microfracture of his ribs.

Eom Sang-baek was excluded from the first team entry on the 24th. It was because the pain in his side that he usually had had gotten worse.토토사이트

Eom Sang-baek started against Suwon KIA on the 22nd and recorded 5 hits, 2 walks, 1 walk, 4 strikeouts and 4 runs in 5⅔ innings. At that time, Eom Sang-baek, who had pitched scoreless until the 5th inning, was replaced in the beginning of the 6th inning without completing the inning.

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol excluded Eom Sang-baek from the first team and said, “I haven’t had a bad side, but there’s no problem with my shoulder and I’ve been throwing it for a while.” I decided to rest,” revealing that it was not a major injury.

However, Eom Sang-baek, who visited the hospital due to constant pain, had to hear unexpected news. As a result of MRI and X-ray analysis, a microfracture of the 8th rib was diagnosed.

For now, it’s time to take a break. We will check Eom Sang-baek’s condition, conduct a re-examination later, and enter the return process. The club expects it to take about four weeks to return.

Eom Sang-baek is recording an average ERA of 3.63 in 20 games this season. In particular, he led the team’s upward trend by winning three games in August alone.

The biggest driving force behind KT’s rise from -14 to +13 and a vertical rise from last place to second place was selection. William Cuevas, Wes Benjamin, Koh Young-pyo, Um Sang-baek, and Bae Seong-seong consistently threw more than 5 innings and showed a sense of stability while giving out points that the other line could win.

With Eom Sang-baek missing for about a month, cracks appeared in the powerful selection that all teams envied. It is a situation where a selection is needed to fill the vacancy of Eom Sang-baek.

Excluding the existing five players this season and So-Jun Sohn, who missed due to an injury, the starting KT pitchers are Lee Seon-woo (3), Jo Yi-hyeon (2), and Ju Kwon (1). I wonder if one of them will go out as a replacement starter or a new starter. The substitute selection is scheduled to appear in the home game against the Samsung Lions in Suwon on the 29th.

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