Hischarlisson (Tottenham), who left the ground crying, also fell from the Brazilian national soccer team.

Brazil will play their first A match since the World Cup against Morocco on the 26th (Korean time). Brazil, one of the world’s strongest players, and Morocco, a legend in the semifinals of the World Cup in Qatar, clashed and drew attention, and a change took place in the Brazilian national team.

The Brazilian Football Association (CBF) said on the 19th (Korean time), “Hischarlisson and Marchinhos (PSG) fell out of the entry for the match against Morocco due to injury.” Mer (Juventus) is coming in instead.”

Hischarlisson was injured in the early half of the 2022/23 English Premier League (EPL) round 28 Southampton away match held on the 19th and was replaced in 5 minutes.  메이저사이트

After grabbing his legs and collapsing, he sent a sign to the bench to be replaced, covered his face with his uniform, and entered the bench. He shed tears as if he knew he couldn’t run for a long time.

Tottenham has not made an official announcement about Hischarlisson’s injury, but it seems that it is not a minor injury due to the Brazilian national team’s exclusion from the entry.

Hischarlisson is sluggish at Tottenham, where he transferred last summer. No goals in the Premier League.

However, in the Brazilian national team, Darla showed off his highly sensitive goal sense with 20 goals in 42 A matches. He plays as an immovable main striker along with Neymar and Vinicius.

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