KIA’s Yoon Young-chul (19) has been a force to be reckoned with this season.

He is cruising with a 3-2 record and a 2.89 ERA in nine games. He has only issued 19 walks in 46.2 innings pitched, and his command is solid. He’s not the type of pitcher who will collapse on his own.

He also has a good changeup. His slider and changeup are both rated as good.

A year from now, we may see a stronger version of Yoon. This is because Yoon’s pitches and game management skills are improving, along with his speed.

Jangchungo ace Hwang Jun-seo (18) is the star of the show.안전놀이터

Hwang is an exceptional pitcher who has appeared in nine games this season, going 4-1 with a 2.03 ERA. Although he has struggled a bit in his last two games, he is still very much in the mix.

In nine games, he threw a total of 31 innings and only gave up eight walks. Instead, he struck out a whopping 40 batters.

He has a long curveball and splitter, and both pitches are reliable enough to work the count.

Hwang’s biggest strength is his ability to stay in the game.

He knows how to get out of a jam and get the count up quickly, and he’s also known for his ability to shift gears and throw strikes in a pinch.

His velocity is also an advantage. His fastball has been up to 150km this season. Yoon Young-chul’s only downside is that his fastball is in the low 140s, but Hwang Jun-seo’s is in the high 90s.

He’s not the type of pitcher who dominates with power alone, so his fastball isn’t as important, but it’s a definite advantage.

“Jun-seo Hwang has been a real ace since his sophomore year. He has already shown his talent since his sophomore year. He has grown even more over the past year. He had some shaky moments in the last game, but we expect him to continue to improve. He’s a pitcher with a good learning curve and a good ability to read the game. He has a steady delivery and a good head to utilise his pitches. He can compete with Jang Hyun-seok (Yongmago) for the number one spot. While Jang draws attention with his fastball, which can reach up to 156km/h, Hwang has the added benefit of being a left-handed pitcher who can throw 150km/h. Fastball pitchers can come out of nowhere, but those with game management skills are hard to come by. It wouldn’t be surprising if Hwang Jun-seo was the first pick. “He’s a pitcher with such a great mechanic that it wouldn’t be surprising to see him overlooked in favour of a 156km pitcher.

The more Yoon Young-chul gains momentum, the more interest in Hwang Jun-seo is bound to grow. It can be said that Yoon is proving that the ability to run a game through high school baseball can work in the pros.

The more he does, the bigger his presence will be.

Both Yoon and Hwang attracted attention with similar types of pitches when they were in the youth national team. In addition, Hwang Jun-seo has a fastball.

We can”t wait to see how powerful he”ll be as a professional.

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