European clubs are showing interest in Hwang In-beom.

Hwang In-beom is the type of player who energizes the team with a lot of activity and accurate kicks. He was born in 1996 and rose to prominence early at Daejeon Citizen, then passed Vancouver Whitecaps and Rubin Kazan to grow step by step. Since then, he has been active by transferring to Olympiacos in Greece ahead of the 2022-23 season.

After that, he grew one more level through the World Cup. Hwang In-beom played as the main midfielder for the Korean national team led by coach Paulo Bento. His high level of activity, build-up ability, and eye for the game were fully demonstrated on the world stage, and he played an active role in Korea’s round of 16.

This season, he also played an active role as a key midfielder for his team, Olympiacos. In the 2022-23 season, Hwang In-beom scored 3 goals and 4 assists in 32 matches in the Greek league, and received coach Mitchell’s unmistakable trust. He is now not Jose, but has changed to a managerial system, but he still played a key role.

As Hwang In-beom continues to play in Europe, he is connected to many clubs. In Italy, Inter Milan are connected. Greek media ‘Gazeta’ said, “Hwang In-beom caught the attention of many people at Inter Milan. It is said that he was listed as a candidate for Inter Milan ahead of the new season.”토토사이트

Inter Milan’s interest continued. Since last January, Inter Milan has dispatched a scout to Greece to observe Hwang In-beom, and news is that they have put Hwang In-beom on the list for the next transfer window.

Following Inter Milan, Rangers are also recently linked with Hwang In-beom. ‘Rangers News’, which delivers the news of the Rangers, said, “Rangers can compete with Inter Milan with Hwang In-beom, the Korean national team.”

However, there was also a prediction that it would be difficult for Rangers to compete with Inter Milan in reality. ‘Rangers News’ explained, “It is unknown whether Rangers will compete with Inter Milan, who have advanced to the European Football Federation (UEFA) Champions League (UCL) final in the transfer market, and win.” Inter Milan defeated AC Milan 1-0 at 4 am (Korean time) on the 17th and reached the Champions League final.

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