“I will never be able to enter the full season starting lineup next year.”

Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 8th.

Prior to the Lotte Giants match that day, LG Twins coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop, who was explaining the background of the rookie Park Myung-geun (19) from the first team, said this about Kim Yun-shik (23). Kim Yun-shik has been on the injured list on the 9th of last month and has been on the list since being excluded from the first team.

Coach Yeom had high hopes for Kim Yun-sik this season. Even during the Arizona spring camp in the United States, it was believed that Kim Yun-sik would serve as the third starter following Casey Kelly and Adam Plutko. He calmly continued his growth over the preceding three seasons, and last year proved his skills by succeeding in breaking 100 innings (114⅓ innings) for the first time since his professional debut. In 2023, he was selected for the WBC (World Baseball Classic) national team, and it was predicted that he, who wore the Taegeuk mark, would gain momentum by keeping the LG starting lineup this season.스포츠토토

As expected, Kim Yun-sik joined the opening entry and started with 2 wins and 1 loss in 4 matches in the month of April. However, as he lost 1 win and 1 loss in 4 games in May and 2 games in June, a dark cloud hung over him little by little. In the end, the match against Kiwoom on the 8th of last month (5 innings, 12 hits, 7 runs) became the last appearance for the first team. Rookie Park Myung-keun overcame the question mark in the early stages and played an all-weather performance, playing the role of a support for the LG bullpen in the first half and contrasting with the appearance of taking an early break to prevent injury.

Director Yeom said of Park Myung-geun, “As much as I have been holding on to since high school, it is right to let me rest. That way I can go through the season.” “You have to do a full-time season to have the strength to go next year,” he said. “(Joining the second half) Yoo Young-chan and Baek Seung-hyun also have to do it until the end of the season to find a way to go more stably next year, and finish camp and off-season break We can accumulate data on which parts need to be strengthened at the right time.” Also, “From the point of view of the coaching staff, the player has to digest the full season and see the continuity to have a foothold to run the team according to the exact plan,” he said. All I can do is baseball,” he said.

Because of this, I can’t help but feel sorry for Kim Yun-sik’s sluggish performance. Director Yeom sighed, “It’s hard to put Kim Yun-shik in the head as a full-season starter. He hasn’t played a full season. He said, “The goal of this year’s spring camp was to have Kim Yun-shik take his place as the 3rd starter, but it wasn’t clear.” do,” he said.

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