It rains at the right time.

The beginning of the season, when the Lotte Giants had a blast. It seems like this season is really going to be something. He is helping Lotte up to the sky.

Lotte failed to play the last game of the three-game series against the KIA Tigers, which was scheduled to be held at Kia Champions Field in Gwangju on the 4th. Due to heavy rain, the decision to cancel was eventually made.

Lotte was a real ‘Danbi’. Lotte ran 9 consecutive victories in 15 years, and the team exhausted a lot of strength. The winning streak ended in the match against KIA on the 3rd, but it was a timing to worry about the aftereffects of a long winning streak.먹튀검증

A game where a losing streak is possible after the winning streak ends. The starting match between Strayley and Yang Hyeon-jong also had an uneasy aspect. This is because Strayley struggled because his pitch did not improve this season, while Yang Hyeon-jong had a good pace with 1 win in 4 games and an average ERA of 2.63.

But the rain solved everything. I reduced my physical strength consumption on the day of the move, and I had time to rest and reorganize. In particular, the exhausted bullpen needed time to rest, and it rained like a ‘timely hit’ that explodes when you’re really desperate. If it had been on a winning streak, it would have been regrettable, but Lotte would have welcomed this rain because it was just the timing when the winning streak ended.

Lotte will play ‘3 consecutive matches on Children’s Day’ against the Samsung Lions at home in Busan. Heavy rain is predicted for the Busan area on the 5th. It would be very unfortunate for the club that had to give up profits from full crowds, and for the child fans who are thrilled at the thought of going to the stadium, but if Lotte takes two days off in a row, a scenario that is too good for Lotte can be completed in terms of baseball.

When the KIA game was canceled, Lotte changed Barnes to the Samsung game on the 5th instead of Strayley. If the game on the 5th is also delayed, Barnes will take the mound on the 6th, and in the last game on the 7th, Park Se-woong, who started against KIA on Tuesday, and Han Hyun-hee, who are in the starting line, can be used evenly. Park Se-woong’s pace was not good this season, so it could be burdensome to start twice a week, but it became possible to make a flexible choice.

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