Lee Jae-won (24), the ‘home run king’ of the LG Twins, is making a quick comeback.

He tried to wait even longer the day before, but decided that his physical condition had definitely improved, so he pulled back his return schedule.

“Lee Jae-won will play in the Futures League on the 28th,” said LG coach Yeom Gyeong-yeop. Lee Jae-won felt pain in his left side during spring camp and rehabilitated it. On March 25, at the end of the exhibition game, he hit a home run against the Kiwoom Heroes and raised expectations, but he felt pain in his side again and went through treatment and rehabilitation.

Currently, Lee Jae-won is 100% recovered. However, LG was injured twice in the same place, so he waited to prevent further injury. Lee Jae-won’s schedule until the 26th was to not go to actual matches until this week, digest up to the level of live batting, and go to the Futures League match next week, and set the time to return to the first team according to his condition.

However, in one day, his schedule sped up. He will go to the Futures League match against Doosan Bears in Icheon on the 28th. It is interpreted as meaning that he is in good enough physical condition and his hitting feeling has improved enough to go to the actual game. ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Even if Lee Jae-won does not swing because of his side pain, he has been training by standing at the plate and watching the fastball and breaking ball of the pitching machine set at 150 km. Director Yeom said, “I made it to see more than 500 balls every day.” When he returned from injury he was quick to adapt.

LG is in a situation where Lee Jae-won needs to join. Outfielders such as Austin Dean, Kim Hyeon-soo, Park Hae-min, Hong Chang-ki, and Moon Seong-joo are playing every day. As Kim Hyun-soo was absent for three days, the texture of the blow also fell. Manager Yeom said, “There is no pinch hitter,” and “If Lee Jae-won arrives, long hitting power will be reinforced in the lower batting line, and one of the outfielders can take care of his physical strength while resting, and he can come out as a pinch hitter, so it will help the team.” .

However, just because he is in good shape doesn’t mean he is immediately promoted to the first team. Director Yeom said, “I’ve seen fast balls for three weeks, so I think I’ll adapt to the ball quickly.”

Lee Jae-won’s comeback clock started running fast. As early as possible, Lee Jae-won could be seen in the weekend’s three-game series against the KIA Tigers.

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