“I was dazed. I thought, ‘This is how it goes’.” The stone defeat suffered the day before. Lee Woo-seok (24, 196.2cm) chewed on his regret. In addition, he did not hide his will to become a leader of Ulsan Hyundai Mobis.

Lee Woo-seok started in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Pro Basketball regular league home game against Wonju DB held at Ulsan Dongchun Gymnasium on the 5th and played an active part with 11 points, 6 rebounds and 2 assists. He made 3 of 7 3-pointers. 3rd placed Hyundai Mobis won 80-71 by adding the firepower of Ronjay Avarientos (23 points, 7 3-pointers, 2 rebounds and 3 assists) and reduced the ride to 2nd placed Changwon LG to one game. 스포츠토토

After the game, Lee Woo-seok said, “I lost the game yesterday unfortunately, but I promised myself that there should be no consecutive losses. There was a situation where the gap could have been widened, but there were regrettable parts in the trivial parts that the coach said, such as U-fouls and mistakes that should not have been made. However, Avarientos made a wonderful 3-point shot. All the players did their best in defense and rebounding, so we were able to win a valuable victory.”

Hyundai Mobis experienced a nightmare at the Carrot match in Goyang on the 4th. Thanks to Lee Woo-seok’s come-from-behind 3-pointer at the end of the 4th quarter, the team regained a 1-point lead for a while, allowing Didric Lawson, who had an offensive rebound 0.5 seconds before the end of the game, to score a winning shot.

“I was dazed. Lee Woo-seok, who recalled, “I thought, ‘This is how it goes’,” said Lee Woo-seok, “I looked back on the situation afterwards, and it was my mistake. You shouldn’t have given Jo Han-jin a 3-point shot attempt. I went to cooperative defense strangely, and then the ball went to Cho Han-jin. I was annoyed with myself because Carrot seemed to have provided an excuse to get an offensive rebound.” Lee Woo-seok continued, “I asked myself, ‘Why did you finish it like that after you solved it?’, but I couldn’t hear the answer.”

Lee Woo-seok showed a roaring scene after making a decisive 3-point shot in the DB match following the Carrot match. The will to win was so strong. “I really wanted to win because it was Carrot. Yesterday, we met in a situation where we lost 4 times, so I was very determined, and I thought my 3-point shot was a big shot. It’s a home game, so the atmosphere is lively, so I don’t think excessive celebrations are bad.” Wooseok Lee said.

Lee Woo-seok also said, “Recently, I am obsessed with ‘Wakanda Forever’ (a famous line from the movie Black Panther). Even when introduced as the best 5 (following the pose), I go out shouting Wakanda Forever,” he laughed.

He also expressed his will to become the leader of Hyundai Mobis in the future. Lee Woo-suk said, “It may not look great, but he feels he is growing himself. He thinks that in order to become the leader of Hyundai Mobis, I have to play as many roles as I can in the game even if my performance is not good. (Kim) Younghyun should be able to talk loudly like his older brother. I want to continue to grow,” he said.

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