“I watched it without washing for 4 hours.”

The match between Mool Safe and Chungam High School took place on the 20th at Mokdong Baseball Stadium in Seoul. The water safe was dragged 1-11, giving 11 points only in the beginning of the 3rd inning. A game in which the loss was deep. At this rate, I could look at losing the 5th cold game.아톰카지노

But then a miracle happened. The water safe, which started chasing with 7 points at the end of the 4th inning, overturned the score by adding 5 points after conceding 5 runs. Afterwards, the water vault added 1 point at the end of the 8th inning, writing a 14-12 double battle drama and advancing to the quarterfinals.

A match that surprised everyone. There was a person who watched this drama without a script for 4 hours on the Internet with bated breath. It was Kim Young-woong, a water safe senior. Kim Young-woong, who joined the Samsung Lions in 2022, is the No. 1 professional designated player of the water safe, founded in 2015. Even after he joined the pros, he kept in touch with his juniors by watching his alma mater’s games.

Water safe shortstop Kim Young-woong, who was nominated by Samsung in the second round of the 2022 rookie draft held on the 13th. Provided by Samsung

It was the same on this day. Kim Young-woong delayed taking a shower to watch his juniors play even when he was drenched in sweat after training. He sat and watched with bated breath for four hours. In a phone interview with this magazine, Kim Young-woong looked back and said, “I got goosebumps” at the drama of the reversal of juniors.

Currently, the main players of the water safe are freshmen when Kim Young-woong was active as the main infielder of the water safe. Kim Young-woong, who listed the names of junior players, saying, “(Gong) Min-seo, (Ko) Seung-hyeon, (Kang) Do-gyeong, etc..” “The juniors are all tenacious and fighting players. Even if it was a 10-point lead, it looked like it would turn over, but I was really proud to see it turn around and win.” It is said that he contacted the players after the game and sent them pocket money out of admiration.

The water vault didn’t stop here, and in the quarterfinals, it overcame the prestigious Chungam High School to advance to the semifinals. In the game on the 22nd, the water vault, which was unable to win due to a suspended rain, won the game on the 24th by adding 4 points and winning 11-9. It was the first major tournament since the establishment of the water vault baseball team (2015) to advance to the semifinals.

Kim Young-woong said, “When I was in the water vault, my goal was to reach the quarterfinals, but I am proud to have reached the semifinals like this. Even when I was with Samsung team members, I always said, ‘The water safe is the best’, but I think I can say it more confidently now,” he laughed. He cheered on his juniors, saying, “If you do it twice more, you will win, but I hope you will aim for the championship instead of being satisfied with the semifinals.”

The blues of the juniors were also a great stimulus to Kim Young-woong. Kim Young-woong said, “I learned a lot by watching my juniors. Seeing the juniors who don’t give up, I made up my mind to work hard again.”

Currently, Kim Yeong-woong is down in rehabilitation with a minor injury. He is recovering from an injury, feeling pain in the front of his thigh. Looking back on his first half, Kim Young-woong said, “There were many things that were lacking, but it was the first half that I learned and grew little by little. In the second half, I want to improve a little more and show more confidence.”

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