Clifford talked about Ramello Ball.

The Charlotte Hornets won 106-95 in a game against the Cleveland Cavaliers in the 2022-2023 NBA regular season held at the Cleveland Rocket Mortgage Fieldhouse on the 10th (hereinafter Korean time).

After the final game of the regular season, Charlotte’s nightmare season came to an end. After finishing 14th in the Eastern Conference, Charlotte failed to qualify for the play-in tournament. 

Ahead of this season, Charlotte was evaluated to have weakened compared to last season as Miles Bridges’ contract renewal, which caused domestic violence issues, was skipped. But I didn’t expect to have such a tough season. It was Charlotte who struggled by staying at the bottom of the Eastern Conference until the middle of the season. 

The line injuries of key players were also painful, but Charlotte needs to further enhance the competitiveness of the team when compared to other playoff teams. As we approached the end of the season, we built up the number of wins step by step, but we still lack a lot of power to fight for the playoffs.

There are rumors that the team’s star, Ramello Ball, may ask for a trade if the situation doesn’t improve. Trade requests from superstars are now easily imagined in the NBA. Ball is just out of his third year, but we can’t rule out any possibility. 

Even director Stephen Clifford was aware of that. He didn’t directly address the trade request in a post-game interview, but he did say that the team needed to win to stay with Ball. Comparison with players of the same age can inevitably have a significant impact on the psychology of the ball.

“To keep Lamelo Ball, we have to start winning. This is very important in Ball’s career,” Clifford said.

According to manager Clifford, Ball’s fighting spirit is very strong. He revealed an anecdote that on days when Ball, who hates losing more than anyone else, loses a game, he sometimes sends a text message at dawn saying, “I lost because of me. I should have done better.”토토사이트

“Lamello Ball wants to win,” Clifford said. will be,” he said.

As a result, Ball feels satisfied with his life in Charlotte, but has not left any words of certainty about the future. 

“I really love this place (Charlotte), but I can’t really talk about my future. I’ll see how things go,” Ball said.

Regarding manager Clifford’s words that he needed a victory to leave him, he replied, “Of course. The most important thing is victory. You can live a better life when you win.”

Ball will also need to be healthier on the court if Charlotte is to earn more wins next season. Ball has averaged 23.3 points, 6.4 rebounds and 8.4 assists per game this season, but he has only appeared in 36 games, less than half of the regular season. The ace is Charlotte, who has to hold out on the court longer.

Will Ball and Charlotte be able to get through the tough times and make a comeback next season? This summer, Ball will be eligible to sign an extended contract with the team. If nothing happens, he is expected to win a maximum contract. 

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